Save the Day – Wolverine

Well, I got a couple of Wolverine ‘Clix in the mail (gotta love ebay!). So now I can add everyone’s favorite attitude problem to my X-Men Roster.

For those of you who’ve paid attention to the rules book, Recover isn’t listed as a Panel power for either Feral or Martial Artist (the Origin and Class I chose for Wolverine).

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Save the Day – Spiderman

Well, here’s my favorite super hero of all time! The Amazing! The Spectacular! Your Friendly Neighborhood SPIDERMAN!!!


Okay, so this write-up is a variation of the one created by David Okum (and can be found here). I’ve also taken some liberties with the background, blending some elements from both the Movies and the Comics.

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Save the Day – Hawkeye

Just a quick update on the actual crafting: I have a bunch of Heroclix coming, so I’ll be updating my list on what I actually have. I’ll also be converting a bunch into other things (I have multiples of the Vulture and Wasp, so one will be getting converted to Falcon and the other to Angel (as in X-Men First Class’s Angel).

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Monster Tutorial – The Chimera

Alright, I’ve had this one in the works for the past 5 months. It’s time to write out the damned tutorial and post it. Especially since this is my Craft War entry for April.


My Chimeras are made from 2 Gazelles and 2 Lions from a $3 Jungle Animals pack I got from Walmart, and 2 Velociraptors from a Dinosaur bucket (also from Walmart).

I started by cutting the heads off of the Gazelles and the Raptors, and trimming down the horns of the gazelles. Continue reading