Well, I now officially have a Blog…

… and that’s a scary thought!

And an even scarier thought is someone wanting to read my ramblings and see my sad attempts at crafting my own miniatures and terrain.

I suppose I should experiment with WordPress and see if I can upload pictures and share videos. Bear with me as this is my first post. Ever.

Hopefully it won’t be my last O_o

Anyway, here are some previews of what can be expected of my efforts.

These are some flaming skulls I crafted from Skull Beads and Flexible Modeling Paste. The flight stands are just paperclips, and the bases are made from Styrofoam cup glued to thing cardboard and carved with a clay sculpting tool.

And these are some Dungeon Tiles I created using Foam Core, Cardboard, and Card Stock (and lots and lots of hot glue!).

Well that’s all for now.