Product Review: Paper-Make-It’s City Streets Bundle

This image is property of Paper Make It. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don’t sue me.

I love role-playing games and table-top war games. I love making terrain for both. But I don’t always have time for the terrain making. Lets face it, making a game board is tedious and time-consuming. So I started shopping around for a means of bypassing the need to create a set of modular city street tiles. There weren’t a lot of options that were within my budget. But thanks to Paper Make It, I have a decent set of tiles that I can use to create multiple modern urban layouts.

This bundle is a set of four PDF’s, each is completely different. There are also multiple versions of the same shape of tiles (more on that in a minute). All in all, not a bad deal for less than $5 on

The Good:

  • The tiles are very affordable. I spent less than $5 for the PDF bundle.
  • The tiles are good looking, and offer flexibility. With the exception of City Streets 1, this set gives 6 inch by 6 inch tiles (City Streets 1 is 6×10 4-lane roads and would be good for a business district or high-way).
  • City Streets 2 has all of the configurations you need for a basic 2-lane street layout (4-way intersection, 3-way intersection, straight road, 90 degree corner, and solid concrete/no road).
  • City Streets 4 can be used to create a public park and parking lot.
  • City Streets 3will link up with City Streets 2 and give you narrow one-lane roads (or alley ways if that’s how you wish to use them).

The Bad:

  • City Streets 1 isn’t very modular (unless you kit-bash the tiles). It being 6″ by 10″ means that  you have to print a specific combination of tiles (unless you do Kitbash). I actually have not yet printed this one out for this very reason.
  • City Streets 2 is the best set, but a bit narrow. While this works well if you are using Hot Wheels for your cars, it’s not really to scale with 28mm Heroic Scale.

  • City Streets 4 is the one with the worst problems. The parking Spaces are too narrow. I can fix this with a little bit of black ink and selectively removing every other line.

    The other problem City Streets 4 has is that there is no means of transition between it and the other sets. I had to Kit-bash a 4-piece hinged tile to allow City Streets 2 to connect to the Parking Lot for City Streets 4. While not really a problem, I did have to sacrifice 4 street tiles to do this.From a distance it’s not so bad…

    Up Close it’s somewhat noticeable

    Here are the pieces I had to switch out:

    The back with the hinges:

    And the whole set put together:
  • The only real problem I had with the set as a whole, was that I wish there was a version offered that was 33% larger (giving 8×8 tiles). This would have solved sooooo many of my problems with scale. But C’est La Vie.

The Somewhere in Between

  • While City Streets 1 is 2 inches longer than it is wide, those 2 inches can be cut off, saving you one sheet of cardstock for every 3 pages you print.
  • City Streets 1 would take minimal effort to turn into a 6×6 tile. The hardest part would be creating the transitional tile between City Streets 1 and 2 or 3.

All in all, having gone through most of a ream of Cardstock, several sheets of Foam Core to mount them, and almost a whole ink cartridge, I would buy this set again. The price for the set and the time saved from having to make my own set of tiles offsets the problem of having to Kit Bash. And they are very simple to cut out and mount, needing only a hobby blade, metal ruler, cutting mat, and glue stick.


  • Cut your tiles just shy of the edges, so you don’t need to worry about trimming overhang on your slightly mis-cut mounting board.
  • Don’t print the entire City Streets 1 Set. Instead pick and choose your tiles, as the straight street sections with writing on them are a touch annoying.
  • The Parkinglot in City Streets 4 can be made bigger or smaller by adding or removing copies of the secone column

  • Print out extra corners for the park, and you can have a park in the middle of the city
  • Print out more Straight road pieces and road-less pieces than City Streets 2 offers. You will need them, as seen in this basic 5×5 tile layout: