Scaldara – A Fire Elemental

So having watched multiple YouTube videos from both DM Scotty and the DMG.Info (channel links will be provided below) on crafting monster for tabletop gaming, I decided to take a crack at it. Deciding it would be easier to work in a larger scale than smaller, I wanted to make a super-sized Fire Elemental.

Quick Note: I crafted this monster over a year ago, and only somewhat thought about sharing my work. After receiving a kick in the butt from a good friend of mine, I decided to share my work with the world. Thanks Clare!

The Pathfinder SRD lists the largest available Fire Elemental as being a huge. That’s still a little small for my taste, so I decided to ramp him up to Colossal (mostly because my body material wouldn’t allow for anything smaller). Serving as inspiration for this monstrosity, was the Fire-Temple boss from Skyward Sword, Scaldara:

Goodness-Gracious, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!!!

Sadly, I don’t have many pics of my WIP stages so I will try to explain the steps I used to create my Elemental.

The body was formed from a Styrofoam Christmas Ornament Decoration I got on clearance at Wal-Mart. Using a marker, I drew out the eye and the mouth, and then used a little hot-glue to start giving some texture (mostly to the mouth). I also marked out where I wanted the arms and legs to be inserted. The Iris of the eye is actually a thumbtack.

I then formed the armature for his limbs out of wire, and did a LOT of test fitting and bending to get him “just right.”

I then used Crayola Model Magic to build up the area around the mouth and eye, as well as build up the arms and legs a bit.

Surprisingly, the hands were not that difficult to sculpt, just difficult to attach.

Since I was planning on using hot-glue to texture said arms and legs, I really didn’t worry too much about making the limbs nice looking.

The next step was to attach and texture the limbs with hot glue. I did this by squirting hot-glue near the body, and drawing it down the limb. While that one was cooling, I did it to another limb. After I made my way around, I’d create another blob and drag it down the limb, allowing it to just butt-up against the previous blob of glue. This was to give a nice liquid-magma effect which I think turned out fairly well.

Next I treated the area around inside the eye and mouth with a few layers of Elmer’s glue and black paint… but that didn’t help much when I base-coated it as my black spraypaint ate into the foam a bit.

The Base Coat was black spray-paint (I didn’t have any white since I rarely use it). I then washed the whole model several times in yellow paint, before starting to blend my way from yellow to orange to a very light dry brush of red. Finally, I used a q-tip to apply black to the iris of the eye, and the raised areas around the mouth and eye.

For his base, I took a lid from an oatmeal container and traced it onto a piece of Foam Core and carefully cut it out. Then I drew a rough hex-grid pattern on the paper and traced into it with a clay-sculpting tool. I then peeled off the paper and filled in the rest of the cracks. I washed it in yellow, and base coated it in yellow, before going with dry-brush blending into red. Finally I used a q-tip to paint the upper surface black. I was going for a cooling-magma effect, and I think I pulled it off nicely. I glued some Popsicle Sticks to the bottom of the Foam-Core, and then sat the base inside of the Oatmeal container lid (after having spray-painted the outside Black!)

All in all, I don’t think I did too terrible for my first scratch-build.

A gallery of these pics can be found here: I hope it inspires you.

I look forward to your comments.

Oh, and as promised, links to the Youtube Channels that inspired me:

The DM’s Craft:

The DMG.Info:

More good Channels for Kitbashing Miniatures (and terrain) that I discovered AFTER I created Scaldara:

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(Note: His videos are in Spanish, so if you don’t hablo espaniol then I sugguest you just mute the video and enjoy. This guy is a master of kit-bashing and Frankensteining)