Just some miniatures I painted

So a while back I jumped in the car with a friend of mine during one of Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarters, and I bought the Pirates and Devils sets.

Here’s a quick look at the paint-jobs of said minis. I apologize for the poor picture quality on some of these, but my phone’s camera is nothing if not inconsistent in picture quality. Which is probably the mark of a bad photographer.

These are the Devils (though that Marilith is smaller than she should be and a Demon to boot, but lets not pick any knits):

I went with purple armor on the Tieflings because I thought it would look awesome. And you know what? I think I was right!

Here are the pirates. I need to touch up the bases a bit, and do some more detail work. But I think they turned out alright.

Finally, here is one of many Mage Knight repaints I did. I took an ogre brawler, super-glued him to a Gaterade cap, primed him gray. Then base-coated him black. Finally I painted him up as you see him. I give you, my Ogre Mage!