Dungeon Tiles!

EDIT: Okay, so as it turns out Wyloch has done a video using a similar methodology to what you will see below. I will post a link to his vid at the bottom of this!

Okay, so I’ve been working on some Dungeon Tiles for my DnD games. Here they are in stages. They are made from foamcore, cardboard and cardstock. The Foamcore has one layer of paper peeled off, and then I used a ball-point pen to carve the flagstone effect into them. I used some crumpled foil to give them a slightly worn texture. The walls are strips of double-layer cardboard with cardstock cut and folded over them. There is a layer of thin cardboard glued to the bottoms. And yes they are very labor intensive.

Before any painting (I did paint some watered down PVA glue over them to protect them from spray paint which melts Styrofoam, which was somewhat a waste of time since evidently I didn’t use enough. Just a little bit of an oops but you’ll see below they turned out awesome!):

After spray painting black, washing in several coats of watered-down black paint to fill in where the the spray-paint melted into the foam, then a heavy dry-brush of pewter gray followed by a light dry brush of dolphin gray):

First layer of black-wash:


I traced this dragon design from a Cookie-Cutter I have:

As you can see, the spray-paint melting the foam gave it a little extra something texture-wise.

Some specialty tiles I did, just for a change of pace:

And some with some evil-looking glyphs carved into the floor (mostly as an experiment):

And here at the bottom is a tile that has an open pit/hole in the floor:

All in all, I’m fairly happy with these considering they were an experiment in both materials and techniques, even if they did curl thanks to the paint. Not too thrilled with how they work in play. I am currently working on a set of DMG.info-style tiles (corridors and rooms). Will share those later.