Corpse Markers for Dungeons and Dragons

Okay, so I found a video on Youtube that showed a method a guy was using to make his own miniatures… from paper.

Having tried this methodology on an experiment (doubling the measurements since his figures were for 15mm gaming), I found the results… less than satisfactory. Then I realized that these could be useful as corpse markers! Then I while making the first run I thought of two other ways to do corpse markers! I did them all in tandem, and will provide the steps I used and then show the final results together.

Method 1: The Pielsiak method (named for the poster of the Youtube Video).

Step 1 Cut squares measuring 30mm by 34mm.
Step 2 Following the methods in the video, create the paper mini.
Step 3 Using hot glue, attach the body to a piece of cardstock cut roughly into a 1 inch circle..
Step 4 Texture the corpse a bit with Hot Glue.

It is now ready for Base Coating.\

Method 2: The Hot-Glue Man

Step 1: Draw a rough figure on a cardstock base.

Step 2:Use hotglue to build up the body, head, and limbs.

And that’s it. This is actually the fastest method.

Method 3: The Pielsiak Method v2

Step 1 Take a sheet of toilet paper and fold it until it is the width of your base.

Step 2 Roll the TP like a cigar, and tear a piece off. Repeat Twice. This will be used to create the arms and legs and torso/head. Glue the leg pieces to the base and ball part of the torso up to make the head. Glue this to the base as well.

Step 3 Cover in watered down glue and a single sheet of TP. Use a sculpting tool to push the TP down into the cracks and remove the excess.

Once this is dry, it is ready for priming.

I hot glued the makers to strips of paper and spraypainted them black.

From Top to Bottom, Methods 3, 2 and 1

Paint the base using a sponge with dark and light gray, and paint the body in red (Tuscan Red works well). The body only needs a little bit of gloss finish to seal it. Your corpse counters are otherwise done.

From Top to Bottom, Methods 1, 2 and 3:

The picture quality on these kinda fell by the wayside, but they work.