Quick and Dirty Rust Monsters

Rust monsters have been the bane of low-level adventurers since Gygax first made the game. While most people already know the story of how the Rust Monster (Owl-Bear and Bullete) came to be, for the uninitiated their origin lies with cheap toys from China.

Believe it or not, these pieces of cheap, poorly made garbage are collector’s items! Makes me wish I’d held onto the ones I had as a kid! This image is property of Bog Leech. No Infringement is intended.

It is not without some irony, that today’s project is made from a cheap plastic toy that originates in China.

These ankylosaur toys came out of a bucket of dinos I picked up at Walmart dirt-cheep. You can actually get them as part of a bundle for a very reasonable price. I’m sure some resourceful soul could find a use for the other critters from these buckets (I know a couple of velociraptors from my dino bucket lost their heads to help make my Chimera… will show that off in a future update).


After washing the dinos in hot soapy water to get any mold-release off of them, the first thing I did was use my Dremmel to bore a hole through their necks.

Next I used the stems from some fake flowers to make the tentacles/feelers. They were secured using super-glue and hotglue to tack them in place while the super-glue set up.

Since I was more worried about the black spray-paint not sticking to the wire than the dinos, they needed priming. However, I didn’t want to lose the fine details that primer would cover up, so I created some armor from manilla folders that would allow me to prime the feelers without priming the body.

With the feelers primed, I then base-coated the monsters with black spray-paint.

Painting was done with a wash of Burnt Sienna, a heavy dry-brush of gunmetal, then a lighter dry-brush of orange.

The wire made them very front-heavy and prone to tipping over, so I mounted them to metal-washers that I had hot-glued pieces of Styrofoam cup textured and painted to look like dungeon floor (will detail this process in a future post! I promise!).

All in all, I think they turned out pretty well!