Cheap Toys Great for Table Top Gaming 2 – It’s a Zoo Out There!

Continuing Yesterday’s theme of Cheap Miniatures for the Table Top, lets take a look at the next five:

Item Six: Hunson’s Sea Life Creatures

While not exactly your common fare, there is a lot of Kit-Bash and Conversion potential here. Whether it’s Dragon Turtles, Great White Sharks, or cutting the arms off of the Crabs for Slaanesh Chaos Mutations, the potential is there. Grab a pack and let your imagination go wild!

Item Seven: Ocean Creature Action Figures

I know what you are saying? Shouldn’t the title of this Blog Post be ‘Under the Sea?’ Be happy I didn’t pick ‘It’s a Jungle Out There!’ instead.

This set is wroth mentioning not only for the different sculpts available, but also because it includes terrain. And Speaking of Animal Buckets that include terrain…

Item Eight: Dinosaur Action Figures Bucket

Not the greatest sculpts in the world, but I’ve already shown one possible use for cheap dinos here:

Items Nine: Wild Animal Safari Action Figure Bucket

Look! Critters! And Terrain!

Item Ten: Learning Resources Jungle Animals Set

More Critters! No terrain though. But this set is supposed to have 5 of each critter, so good for building Herds/Packs, or for filling a Zoo if you play Modern.