Winter is Coming

This image is property of World of Novelty. No Infringement is intended. And even though I don’t like Game of Thrones, I really really want this shirt cuz Frozen is the shiznit!

And no this isn’t a review about Frostgrave (though I’ve heard a lot of good things about that game!), it’s a matter of realizing it is going to be too cold to do any crafting related stuff outside. Which means months of no spray-painting. Which means months of no priming, base-coating, or clear-coating.

I need to prioritize….

  1. My DMG-style dungeon tiles I can paint over the winter, but I need to get them base-coated first. I have several already base-coated, but still have a stack of tiles that need walls. And my wall methodology is to turn the double corrugated cardboard on its side and cover in foil before hot-gluing to the tile. While I hate fiddly-bits, I can’t just slap the walls down on the tiles because I don’t like the corrugation showing on the walls.
  2. Some of my passage-way tiles are going to become Sewer Tiles (which means more fracking fiddly-bits), and some are going to become narrow passages. I also need to make some more stairs.
  3. All of my elementals need clear-coating to protect the paint. So do the rest of the monsters I’ve created.
  4. My Chimeras need a few painting touch-ups before I can clear-coat them.
  5. I have some old Hardee’s kidsmeal X-Men toys that have a horrendous factory paint-job (the colors makes our eyes bleed, precious). While I used to have the entire set, somehow only Phantasia and Blob are left of that set. Which makes me sad.But they need some modification and new paint schemes, because they are too fracking cartoony.

It would seem I need to get busy.

It’s a good thing I have lots of projects completed and banging out tutorial isn’t all that labor intensive.

Oh, I’m also adding a links page. It is far from complete though, so be sure to check it out from time to time.