Elemental Power – Air

Today’s Project is an Air Elemental. To do this project I used the following tools and materials:

Materials: Heavy Gauge Wire, Card Stock or Manila Folders, a 1″ wooden dowel cut 1 inch long, with a hole drilled through the center, a Plastic Lid (mine came off of a large canister of oatmeal), and paper bags. Not shown in the picture are Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste, Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, Primer and Paint.

Tools: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Cutting Tool, Cutting Mat, Hot Glue Gun, Small Can and Large Can. Yes, you will need two cans as tools, to help you bend your wire.

Step One: Cut off a long piece of wire and bend a hook.

Step Two: Using your large can (which should be the same size as your lid!), form a circle with the wire and bend the wire back on itself so it stays in shape. The wire should be able to sit down inside the oatmeal container lid.

Step Three: Slide the wooden dowel over the wire. Here in the pic you can see I had originally had another lid inside the base one, but changed my mind later.

Step Four: Using your Smaller Can, wrap the wire until you have a loose spring, and then remove the can and twist the wire until you have a funnel shape. In the second pic you can see I changed the base and used a piece of manila folder and liberal quantities of hot-glue to glue the wire down to the oatmeal lid base, because hot-glue does not stick to plastic very well.

Step Five: Using the paper bags (cut or torn into strips), and hot glue, build up a skin on the outside of the wire funnel.

Step Six: Form a cone out of the paper bag and hot glue it to the inside. You should now go over the entire model and make sure all seams are glued shut and all wire and gaps are covered. Now do this one more time, because if you are anything like me you missed something (I know I did).

Step Seven: Now comes the really icky part (at least if you have the kind of OCD that means you hate being dirty). Using a Popsicle Stick, cover the elemental in Modeling Paste, giving it a nice swirly texture. Then after making sure the whole model is covered, give it more texture with a toothpick. Remember that all lines should go in a generally swirling motion around it. The idea is to make it look like a vortex.

Step Eight: Wait a few days. No, seriously. Modeling past should set up in 24 hours, but depending upon humidity is still pliable after two!

Step Nine: Prime with white primer.

Step Ten: Paint.

My paint job was pretty simple, I washed in Sky blue twice, then dry brushed with dolphin gray and finally a VERY light dry-brush of white.

And there you go! One Super-Sized Air Elemental ready to wreak havoc. It also doubles as a cyclone for Spell Effects.