Duneon Tiles WIP – Part Two!

Yesterday I posted the tiles I had Black-Bombed (spray-painted black). Today I want to talk about walls.

At first I was using measured and cut cardstock to cover my walls, but that was too time intensive.

Then came aluminum foil and hotglue. Again, too time intensive.

Finally there came junkmail cut into ribbons on my new paper trimmer, and elmer glue.

Anyway, here is a quick peak at how I’ve progressed!

My methodology: Measure and cut my walls to length, and label them with a letter code to mark where they go A goes on spot A, and B on B, and so on. In cases where a tile (or pair of tiles) used the EXACT same measurements, I saved label names by just re-using the AM and AJ and such.

After all wall segments were cut to length I started gluing them to the paper. My OCD is still going BLAH!!! cuz I hate getting dirt and grunge on my hands. But I digress.

As I am writing this, it is in face 1 PM in the afternoon on Saturday September 26 2015. The glue for the walls on everything I cut is drying. This is scheduled to automatically post at midnight tonight. I am hoping to have a few pictures of walled tiles to add to this blog post, but I fear you all will have to wait another day.