Elemental Power – Earth

As you enter the clearing where the Goblin Shaman has retreated to, you see a small warband gathered around a large pile of rocks chanting “Gorginak! Gorginak! Gorginak! Gorginak!” As soon as they notice you, they flee down a nearby tunnel. The huge pile or rocks begins to shift and take the form of a rocky… thing. Roll for Initiative.

Or if Science Fiction is more your thing, there is always:

Either way, today’s tutorial is a Super-Sized Earth Elemental!

Step One: Building an Armature

Using heavy gauge wire (the same wire used in my Air-Elemental), build the skeleton for the rest of the materials to stick to. You can really make your elemental look like anything you want, but I wanted something vaguely like a t-rex.

I used wooden beads and a liberal amount of hot glue to attach the arms and legs to the spine.

Step Two: Fleshing it out.

Next I built up the body and tail a bit by wrapping wire around some needle-nose pliers, and then hot-gluing these pseudo-springs in place.

The next step was to stuff the ribs and tail with wet toilet paper and glue, then built up the rest of the body using the same.

Not wanting my elemental to look bland and boring like this guy:

Step Three: Adding crystals

I decided to decorate my guy up with some psuedo-crystals. The crystals are made from short segments of number 2 pencils that were carved and sanded down.

Step Four: Let’s Rock! (okay, that was a bad pun)

Now it needs the rocks. I used Four methods:

  1. Leftover bits of Model Magic from making the head of my Water Elemental – Coming soon, I promise!

  2. DM Scotty’s Paper-Towel Rocks method

  3. Real Stones. I super-glued both real rocks, and real rocks I wrapped in Toilet paper and watered down glue (to help the paint stick). Somehow the pictures of this method got lost.
  4. Construction Sand: I piled up layers of glue and construction sand to fill in the cracks between rocks. This is another step that the pictures vanished. No idea how.

Step Five: Sealing

In order to help the sand stick (and to plasticize the paper towels) I put on several coats of watered down PVA glue.

Step Six: Priming

I used white primer, since I was still concerned with paint sticking.

Step Seven: Painting

Here are the steps I used to paint:

  1. Wash in Dark Brown – I used Brown Oxide
  2. Repeat Step One
  3. Heavy Dry Brush of Burnt Umber
  4. Dry Brush of Brown
  5. Light Dry Brush of Tan
  6. With the sand filler taken care of, time to start on the stones.
    Wet application of Pewter Gray
  7. When the Pewter Gray is almost dry, Drybrush with Dolphin Gray
  8. Immediately follow with a little bit of brown to blend, followed by another Drybrush of Dolphin Gray.
  9. Paint the crystal with white, and repeat twice until they are completely white.
  10. Paint your crystals. Pick your colors and start with that color mixed with a bit of white. Then using several coats gradually blend it darker and darker. When you reach your base color, begin using darker shades until you reach the tip of the crystal (thus going from light at the base to dark at the tips). Your final step is going to be highlighting the edges in your base color mixed with a little white. Once complete, use a gloss finish on the crystals. I recommend ModgePodge High Gloss Finish.



All that’s left is to attach your elemental to its base.

And there you go! A Massive Earth Elemental to crush your players with!