Switch-Back Stairs Tutorial

Projects Update: My Elementals and Tim the Roper have been clear-coated, and my completed tiles are Black-Bombed. My sewers are coming along nicely, and might actually be ready to Black-Bomb before the cold weather hits

Quick-note: My stairs are black-bombed but not painted. As soon as I get them painted, I’ll update this post

My Switch-back stairs are based upon the following method from DMG:

Step One: Gather Materials and Tools

The First thing to do is gather up your materials. For this you will need:

  • a 2×2 tile (6″ square)
  • a 1″ by 3″ piece of cereal box (this is your Top-Step)
  • two 3″ by 3 1/2″ pieces of cereal box (these are your Landing-Steps). These will need to have a line separating the extra half-inch portion to mark where your over-lap takes place.
  • five 1 1/2″ by 3″ pieces of cereal box (these are your Step-Pieces), again with a line separating the extra half-inch portion to mark where your over-lap takes place.
  • Strips of cardboard cut for your walls, plus anything you are using to cover corrugation.
  • A Hot-Glue gun (or PVA glue if you are patient)

If you want, shave the 3″ sides by the width of your walls. This is up to you.

Step Two

Using your hot glue gun, place the first Step-Piece (1.5 by 3) in a corner as shown below. The Long side should be against the edge of the tile where you want your stairs to begin. Take care to apply glue as close to the edges as possible and wipe off any excess. You’ll want a firm bond, so use plenty of glue.

Step Three

Now glue down another Step-Piece, using the half-inch overlap as shown below:

Step Four

Repeat Step Three

Step Five

Now glue down a Landing-Step, again overlapping the top half-inch of the previous step.

Step Six

Repeat Step Five.

Step Seven

Glue down another Step-Piece overlapping as shown:

Step Eight

Glue down another Step-Piece.

Step Nine

Glue down the top-step.

Step Ten

Now you just need to attach your walls, and place your railing to divide the levels. I used a wall piece that I cut at an angle to help simulate descent.

Now you are ready to Black-Bomb and Paint!

Some Thoughts: I could have build this the same way DMG did his Stairs in these videos:

But I’m not overly fond of “layering up” I guess you could call it. My next set of stairs will incorporate the same technique I used here, but will most likely be a straight piece. But for now, I have Sewer Tiles to craft and my other tiles to paint.