Cheap Toys that are Great for the Table Top – The Monster Mash

Monster Action Figure Bucket

While some of the figures in here are a bit campy and really just kitbash fodder, there are a few good sculpts in here that are just a hop, skip, and a kit-bash from being decent demons or whatever. The mummy and zombie sculpts are actually usable though, so if you find yourself short on undead other than Skeletons. And speaking of Zombies….

Bucket of Zombie Action Figures

The sculpts are just silly, and really who needs over-sized zombies? But I see potential for some Warhammer/40k Nurgle action going on. Or maybe some sort of Plague Spawn or Demons of Pestilence for D&D. Really it depends upon your needs.

TimMee Legendary Battle 70mm Figures

This pack of toys has some pretty decent sculpts, and I see Giants, Ogres and Demons as potential products of Kit-bashing these babies. Heck, a quick weapon swap and that Viking could be an Avatar of Thor (or Tempest if you are into Forgotten Realms).

Pokemon Toys

while not very scary, a little time with a dremel, some hot-glue, a little Frankensteining, and there’s not telling what horrifying monstrosities you could come up with!

Exclusive 62-Piece Haunted House Monster Bucket

The sculpts on these aren’t very good, and neither is the terrain for that matter. But there is some potential for kit-bashing (or just chopping them up for corpse counters).

Dinosaur Skeleton Action Figures – Big Bucket of Skeleton Dinosaurs – Huge 75+ Piece Set Full of Fossil Fun

Well, if you ever need monster tokens for the army of dinosaur skeletons the evil Necromancer animated, you got ’em!

Turn the ones with their skin still on into Zombies, and Bob’s Your Uncle.

Though whoever designed the trees for this set and the previous set needs a beating. They are hideous!

Wait, didn’t you already cover zombies?

Yup. Here’s some more I found:

None of these are of any use for 28mm gaming… but some could be ‘bashed into giants/ogres. Or if you play modern, Ignore the scale differences.