A trip to the Dollar General – What goodies Did I spot?

Like table-top gamers I don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to burn, so I have to find a way to stretch my dollars. Which is why I love the Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores! Not only can you find the super-cheap Foam Core adored by terrain crafters the world over, they have all kinds of stuff!

I will break this article down into two segments: Today’s segment covers the Two Dollar General Stores in my town of residence, and tomorrow will cover the Dollar Tree.

Now how am I going to show off all of the cool stuff I found? Did I seriously buy everything you are about to see? Hell no! I cheated! I used my phone’s camera and did a little Recognizance In Force! Because I am that cheap of a bastard.

Creapy Crawlies! Just a quick selection of the Halloween stuff I found!

Halloween (1)

This package is from a bundle of holiday lights with little purple bats. I thought to myself – “self, a little hot-glue and a wash of the right paint and you have some sort of glowing spirit.”

Halloween (6)

Another holiday light set, this time Ghosts! Wash in light blue a very light drybrush of white you can haunt your players with a wall of ghosts! Booooooo!

Halloween (2)

A Skull, a hand, some strange footings, and a stick with a glowing flame at the top. I can see at least three different peieces of terrain doable from this thing.

Halloween (5)

Let’s see what we got…

Crazy Eyeballs Glasses how about a glowing Beholder? stick an LED light inside a hallowed out ping-pong ball and glue the eye over that… add some skin… there you go. The frames could be used for multiple things.
Vampire Teeth – how about the gaping maw of some gargantuan monstrousity? Or just a set of glowing teeth floating down the hall, gnashing its teeth like pacman.
Spiders! – Spiders make good creepy-crawlies just cuz they give most player the Hebee-jebees. Take it to the next step, and created a webbed dungeon with lots of spider decor. Or why not use some larger spiders as Spider Riders. Or How about a Spider Swarm? Or a Demon Spider? Or cut the buggers apart and make an eldritch horror. *shrug*
Ghost Stakes I thought stakes were for vampires? Anyway, I didn’t get a good look at these, so I really can’t offer too much thoughts other than they have some ghostly heads. That’s gotta be useful, right?
Stickers and Eyepatches – Yeah… I got nuttin’.
Giant Rats and Bats. I’m sure a Giant Rubber Rat can be kit-bashed into something, maybe a large mount for a lord of Pestilence… a Giant Bat could be cut up to give a demon or dragon her wings. And the head could be the face of said demon.

Halloween (4)

And Here’s some more!

Bag of Skulls – Head will roll!. Imagine a falling boulder trap where the rocks are shaped like skulls. Ooooh… Spoooky!
Rubber Spiders – toughen up the legs a bit, and you’ve got the spiders worthy of Lolth!
Pirate Ducks? I’m not going there!
Stickers? PASS!
More Spiders! Toss ’em in the cart.
Skeleton Garland – FRACK YES! You can make a bone-naga, a Skeleton Bridge, a pile of bones, all sort of nasty monsters can be made using these babies!

Halloween (3)

Well, Well, What do do with this brute? The table he’s on is pretty nice, might make a good wizards lab… but I think we need to keep it in once piece… and add to it. Some tubing and wire… a smog generator… a USB speaker… and a lil paint gives you “WHO DARES DISTURB OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!?” Just don’t forget the curtains.


If you are looking for a Carrion Crawler or a Grick, look no further. These creepy worms are perfect for the job. They can even be used for alien life forms, or baby Purple Worms.

Now for the Not So Creepy…
KO Lego Kit Fast and Furious

A Knock-Off Lego Fast & Furious race car! I’d almost get this as I’m considering Mobile Frame Zero. That or as the vehicle used by a super-hero to get around the city. Who knows?

KO Transformer

And here we have an entire line of Knock-off Transformer toys. If I was hard-up on technology bits, I might look into this guy. Maybe.


These Motorcycles aren’t the greatest sculpts in the world, but they are least easier to find than Hot-wheels. Speaking of which…

Motor Cycles and Hotwheels

Ah… Hot-wheels Knockoffs. The only reason I would buy this pack would be for the motorcycles… and maybe to strip the rest of the cars for parts… or give them to my kid to replace the one’s he’s destroyed.


Ah, Ninja Turtles. So many of these action figures would be excellent for kit-bash and conversion. Shredder here would be great for a Golem or Oni/Ogre-Mage in a Fantasy-based campaign. I actually have a draft in the works covering the a few members of the original TMNT toy run (as well as a few other toys from my childhood and adolescents) that are good kit-bash fodder).

Starwars Micro Machines

You know, if I played 15mm gaming I would be more excited about this. But I don’t so I’m not.

Sand Castle Mold (2)

Sand Castle Mold (1)

This Sand Castle Mold could have potential, just use plaster or hydro stone and attack the finished result with a hammer and chisel for some ruined/damaged walls.


Below is a myriad assortment of the various vehicles scattered around the two dollar general stores in my town. YMMV, as each one had things the other didn’t. Not everything was perfect (the firetruck was 2 1/4″ wide… which is about 1/4″ too much IMO. But the Farm/Construction equipment looks very usable.

To Scale Vehicles (3) Dollar General 2 (3) To Scale Vehicles (2) To Scale Vehicles (1)Dollar General 2 (5)

Dollar General 2 (2) To Scale Vehicles Dollar General 2 (6) Trains

This train is pretty good, if I was running wild west lol. I myself play mostly modern and fantasy… so I myself don’t have a use for this. Though I suppose it could work for Steam Punk…

Dollar General 2 (1)

This is a straw-building kit… and kinda essential to anyone who is doing any industrial/modern/future terrain.

Dollar General 2 (12) Dollar General 2 (4)   Dollar General 2 (17) Dollar General 2 (18) Dollar General 2 (13)

Here we have some assorted toys. There possible uses (from Left to Right)

  • That Monster High girl is a possible Daemon Prince of Slaanesh… just needs some kit-bashing).
  • The Pegasus from Pony Land (MLP knockoff?) could be converted into a Pegasus, a Nightmare, or some other beastie.
  • The Plains Indians bit, the tent and the totem pole are usable, and the tribes-folk could be re-purposed into giants or Ogre-kin.
  • The tubes of critters; Base them, Paint them, cover them in flock, and you are ready to go. Of course, many need a paint job too. But convert, Kit-bash, Modify, or Butcher for Parts, these tubes have TONS of possibilities.
  • The wrestlers would make good giants or elementals as they are huge and easily modified.

Dollar General 2 (10) Dollar General 2 (15)Dollar General 2 (7)

And Finally we have some action figures. The guy on the left is part of a battle-suit toy. The other two are Marvel Action figures and easily converted.

That’s all she wrote for now – Tune in Tomarrow for a look at my trip to the Dollar General – Piece!