My Trip to the Dollar Tree and What I Found There

Here it is, part two of Yesterday’s Post!

More Creepy-Crawlies!

 Halloween (3) Halloween (6)Halloween (4)  Halloween (5)

From Left to right we have:

  • Skeleton Garland – the exact same ones as Dollar General’s, for the exact same price. Color may vary.
  • Skull and Bone Beads, with a large Bat, Skeleton, or Spider. Don’t let these get away as I’ve found they are VERY hard to find!
  • Large Skulls – a rock carved by necromancers to resemble a skull? Or is it the skull of some ancient being?
  • Skull and Spines – Not only do you get a Skull (see above) but you get some lovely vertebrae as well! These would be good for desert wastelands (just add some bend bamboo chopsticks and you have the fossilized remains of a whale!

Halloween (7)  Halloween (1)Halloween (2)

  • Eyeball Ping-Pong-Balls, because nothing says Happy Halloween like playing Beer-Pong with an eyeball. Seriously though, anyone who wouldn’t make a Beholder out of one of these obviously does not play D&D. You could also slap some tentacles on it and have an Eldritch Horror like the one from the classic Horror Film The Crawling Eye.
  • Assorted Creepy-Crawlies including (but not limited to) Skull Rings, Spiders, Scorpions, Flattened Skeletons, Roaches, Centipedes, and other things I could not identify without opening the packaging.

Toy Cars

Cars (2) Cars (4) Cars (1) Cars (3)

Not all of these are to sclae, but the Road Rippers Police SUV, Ambulance, and Tow Truck are all usable. So are the Turbo Wheels (I stripped the electronic guts out of the two I bought). Of the military vehicles, I’d only bother with the Helicopters.

Dudes and Creatures (3) Interesting Bits Dudes and Creatures (2)

Most Dollar Trees have an assortment of lizards and dinosaurs. Go wild with Kitbashing or just slap them on a base (I found a decent Carnetaurus/Allosaurus that just needs a little flash-trimming and a base).

The two pics on the right are meant to focus on some diving toys. The Sea-Horse Diving toys could be good for ship’s masts or possible monster making. The ones on the right I thought might make for interesting alien technology or modern art for a City board.


  Dudes and Creatures (4) Dudes and Creatures (6) Dudes and Creatures (7) Ninjas (1)Dudes and Creatures (1)

Action Figures! All prime candidates for conversion – see This episode of Miniature Mashup or this two-parter by Spain’s Richy Sankarras (Part One and Part Two). On the right are some statues of DC Super Heroes and some Spiderman toys that get bigger when they get wet (I have no idea if those would be good for modification, but I might pick some up to experiment with).

Crafting Stuff (2)Crafting Stuff (3)Crafting StuffCrafting Stuff (1)

Dollar Tree also has a small arts and crafts section. From Left to Right:

  • Crafting Shells – good for terrain Or Monsters
  • Glass Beads – good for terrain or counters
  • Assorted Beads, Clay, Glitter and other things.
  • Semi-featureless angel statues – more potential terrain (or possibly weird golems or monsters)

As with any of these sorts of stores, YMMV. I know my Dollar Tree does not carry the Tombstone Corners line of Halloween decorations (which really, really makes me sad since it means I’ll have to travel). But all in all there are tons of things usable for the Table Top. All it takes is a little imagination and a lot of inspiration, and I hope I’ve provided you with both.