Elemental Power – Water

Quick Note: This is my entry in the October 2015 Craftwar.

Craftwar is an event on the DM’s Craft Forums held every month. I’ll post pics of the competition as they show up.

And that’s why today features a Double-Post! Yay!

Step One: All about that base.

Water Elemental Build 001My base is lid off of a large food container (I believe this one was Peanut Butter). I rescued the lid from the trash at work and poked a hole in the bottom of it. Then I threaded a wire up through the bottom to serve as a spine/armature wire. These were held in place on the underside with hot glue, and a second smaller lid.

Step Two: Time to wind it.

Using the same heavy gagues wire and a 1″ wooden dowel I drilled a hold through, I tightly coiled the wire until it formed a spring. Consequently, this is also how you make Chain-mail (only with a smaller diameter dowel rod).


Water Elemental Build 002

After carefully extracting my spring, it was time to build up the body of the Elemental.

Step Three: Work that Body

It is at this point that I began stretc

hing the spring and wrapping it into the body. I secured the ends and points where the wire touched the spine with hot glue.

Water Elemental Build 003

Water Elemental Build 004

Step Four: Beauty is Only Skin-Deep

Using Brown Paper Bags ripped into strips and hot glue, cover the wire skeleton. Do not worry about filling it in. It is unnecessary.

Water Elemental Build 005Water Elemental Build 006

Once that part is done, cover in PVA Glue and Toilet Paper. Use a Spray Bottle to wet the TP and then a sculpting tool to smooth out the wet TP.


Step Five: I hear the roar of water

For this next step you will need a hot glue gun, tons of hot glue sticks, and the feet off of water bottles.

Recycling (1)Recycling (2)

Carefully using the hot-glue (it will melt the plastic), build up ridges on the back of the elemental back. Once the ventral ridge is complete, give the whole body a water texture using Hot Glue! Take extra care to blend the monster into the base, since it is supposed to be bursting up out of the water.

Water Elemental Build 009

Step Six: He’s a Mouthy Little Worm

Okay, now we need to build up the mouth. Do do this we need to pack a little bit of the brown paper bags into the throat and flll with hot glue, and stuff the heads of two spoons in there. You will have a minimal amount of wiggle time before they lock in place, so find a post that works for you.

Now you could repeat the hot-glue process, and it would probably look pretty good. But I decided to take it up another notch and practice my clay working skills at the same time.

Water Elemental Build 008

Water Elemental Build 010

Using Crayola Model Magic, I rolled it out with a dowel rod to get it nice and flat. Then I began attaching the sheets to the plastic spoons in the elemental’s mouth.

Water Elemental Build 012

Water Elemental Build 011

From there is was simply a matter of using basic shapes to get what I wanted.

Water Elemental Build 013Water Elemental Build 014

Water Elemental Build 015

Water Elemental Build 016Water Elemental Build 018

Water Elemental Build 019

And Now to prime and Paint. Priming was done in White, and then two washes of Navy Blue were applied, followed buy a heavy sponging dry brush of sea-green and lighter dry brush of true blue and a highlighting of white.

Water Elemental Paint 000Water Elemental Paint 001

Water Elemental Paint 002Water Elemental Paint 004

Water Elemental Paint 008

Water Elemental Paint 006

Water Elemental Paint 009

Water Elemental Paint 007


And here’s the end result:

All in all I’m VERY pleased with how this one turned out. I am of the opinion that he is the greatest of my elementals I’ve made.

Well, I think you for taking the time to have a look at my monster, and if you are a member of the DM’s craft forums, please vote!