Hail Friday!

Here, have another double-post.

Quick Note: Start Monday, updates will be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a chance for surprise weekend updates if I finish a project or critical stage.

After a rediculously long work week, I’m exhausted. But I started this blog and I intend to finish it. Besides, crafting keeps me sane.

Anywayhoo, here are my current Works In Progress!

First off I have primed some Dollar Tree Gargoyles from their Tombstone Corners display set I picked up last year. Will show those when I can find the pics, right now they are primed and black-bombed.

Next up are the Kitbashed Conversions, Phantasia And Blob (who come to us from the Hardees Kids Meal Toys from the X-Men lineup):


The sculpts aint bad but the painting is horrible!

Using aheavy screw, I uplifted Fantasia and tied a string around her screw so I could hang her upside down. My reason? So the Flexible Modeling Paste I used to turn Phantasia in Heat-Wave would look like rising flames when painted.

As you can see, I gave Blob a Mullet. Just a decent paint job and he can begin his new life as the villainous Brute.

Here they are primed white. I am black-bombing Blob/Brute by hand since I’m outta spray paints and my airbrush wont’ be ready for at least a week.

And Now the piece de la resistance… A couple of Paper Craft Buildings for my City Streets board:

Here’s the first Building I built:

It is Blue Sun Grocerers by Tommy Gun.

Sadly the warping on the building was so bad, even with all of the supports I put inside, I had to remove the supports and build a box inside the grocers. Which is fine, it means I can now flip the store over and have storage for proms and minis.

Clickable Thumbnails can be found below:

Paper Buildings (1)

Paper Buildings (2)

Paper Buildings (3)

Paper Buildings (4)

Paper Buildings (5)

Paper Buildings (6)

Paper Buildings (7)