Well I took the weekend off from Crafting (Mostly)

I did practice my Gimp skills a bit, and did some digital Kit-bashing of some paper models. Due to uncertainties of legalities, I’m not certain I can share them at this time. But basically I noticed One Monk’s Chimera Brood Bio-Weapons

provided one of each weapon pose per page. Most war-gaming army squads are of single-unit types, which would have meant printing on page for each unit and lots of wasted ink. So I decided to take it upon myself to to cut-out the individual weapon poses in Gimp and make single-pose pages.

This is for two reasons:

  1. I need to practice my Gimp Skills.
  2. I love me some Xeno-morphs and plan on using them in the near future.

I’ve also been taking inventory of my paper models I need to get ready for my city board – I have every intention of running a zombie-city one shot game for Halloween.

So far I have one building I call complete. I have another that just needs a little work on the roof and some Business Signs added. These are the ones I built to double as storage trays:

There is also Tommy Gun’s Pawn Shop that I kit-bashed into a Fold-Flat. Which was much more of a success than the others I did. Maybe because it was smaller? Who knows.

Anyway, here is my inventory of buildings I need to get built:

So that’s a total of 35 pages to process. I think I’m gonna aim for 5 pages a day… so hopefully I will have everything done by next Monday (the 19th).

I know I’m going to fall short of that goal, but will be happy if I can get everything done by the 25th (three pages a day).

We shall have to wait and see. Hopefully there are no complications.