Paper City – Box-Building Walkthrough

Alright, the reason this is late is because I couldn’t find the data cable for my phone.

So for my Kit-Bashed TommyGun paper Buildings (all of which can be found here), I wanted the buildings to double as storage trays for street tiles and vehicles (such as what I showed off here). Not wanting to do an excessive amount of Kit-bashing the way I did with the other building, I decided to build some shells out of foam-core.

First thing I did was cut my building out and figure out my dimensions. The Big Building I decided to build had the following dimensions:

  • Front/Back: 4 11/16 h x 7 1/8″ w
  • Sides: 4 11/16″ h x 9″ w
  • Roof:  7 1/8″ x 9″

Needing to account for the width of the foam-core, I cut 3/16″ off of the width and height of all pieces (but not the roof). Also, the base TommyGun model had flaps to fold down at the top to create a lip/ledge at the roof. These were NOT figured into my measurements, as I intended the roof to lay flat.

So my final measurements were:

  • Front/Back: 4.5 h x 6 15/16″ w
  • Sides: 4.5″ h x 8 13/16″ w
  • Roof:  7 1/8″ x 9″

After cutting my Foam Core to the measurements I determined, I test-fitted and then trimmed my building sides. I also scored the roof-ledge flaps and then edged the card-stock with a black Sharpie. Next I took my hot-glue and started gluing walls together, using a cut down box and piece of cardboard to get the walls as close to perpendicular as possible.

I made sure to join my walls so that as I was building it, the bottom left-hand had the vertical on TOP of the horizontal (thus the seam would always be on the same corner of the building no matter what side you looked at. Then I attached the roof and then ran a bead of hot-glue along the inside of all the borders where walls/ceiling met.

After Building I double-checked how the printed walls would line up.

Then I used a sponge and painted the box black (essentially edging it to hide the seams between the printed walls and the box).

While waiting for the paint to dry, I used some Walmart disk magnets and some paperclips to set up my interchangeable building signs (and idea I had AFTER starting this project). First I placed a single magnet and paperclip in the center of the building’s front in a way that they would both stay put (magnet on front, paperclip on back). Then I grabbed two more magnets and two more paperclips and lined them all up before finally adding three more paperclips – I wanted to make sure my signs would stay put!

Next I placed the card-stock piece face down and then used a generous amount of hot-glue and a scrap of junk mail to secure the paperclips in place. Then I used an improvised tool to smooth out the hot-glued paper so it wouldn’t bow out when I glued the piece to the box.

After the paint dried I then used my hot-glue gun to glue the roof down, followed by the walls. The Roof Ledge Flaps I folded down and glued to hide the edges of the roof (thus creating a 2.5d illusion of a solid ledge).

While not perfect for line of sight, it doesn’t adversely affect the secondary purpose of these box-buildings:

So now I have a nice generic building that will double as a tray to hold other terrain pieces. And I can make up multiple signs in Gimp that I can just slip a couple of disk magnets into to make anything from a Bank to a Hospital to a Police-Station. And thanks to the design of the model itself, I can stack other box-building on top of it to make it multi-floored  or next to each other to make it multi-winged.

Since I have two of these built (each one with a different front/back) I am considering taking my uncut third model of the same type (the one I’d intended to be a second-tier/second wing) and actually cutting the Two-floor attachment into two one-floor attachments, thus allowing me several combinations.