Quick Update – New Page Added: Master list of Tutorials (of a sort)

So I’ve added a new page to my menu (that thing at the top). I call it “My Master List of Tutorials (Of a Sort).”

Why are they Tutorials (Of a Sort) and not just Tutorials? Because I don’t think I’m that great at writing tutorials, and really just trying to give a rough idea of the steps I took to create my pieces.

Why did I go through several hours of work just to recreate the Tutorials (of a Sort) Tag that can be found under the Categories table to the right? Because some times it helps to see the final result and Title in a more compact form. And I wanted to dust off my antiquated HTML skills (the only Java I make is the kind I can drink! Which is why I never entered the field of webpage design). I coded that page myself, though I wish WordPress wouldn’t screw with my code formatting… there is a method to my madness in how I organize my coding and WordPress screws with it. Luckily I have a master copy saved to my hard drive for when I want to update with new content.

So thbbbt :p to you, WordPress! Screw with my code will you! I’ll show you! I’ll do it my way and then copy and paste. So enjoy the raspberries! THBBBBBT! :p