Paper City Buildings Complete!

Well after spending almost an entire day in playing around in Gimp, I digitally kit-bashed Microtactix free paper Model, Horseman’s Deli.

My Purpose in doing so? I wanted some variety in my Mini-mall. Now due to legal reasons I cannot share the files, but I can show you then end result. All it takes is a little time and know how.

I could have made my building signs modular (ie, magnetized them the way I did with my Big Red Buildings), but chose not to, as I already had a 2-storefront building and was making a 3-storefront building. Plus I wanted to speed up my Build Process. Shrug. I also made the second-store box for my Big Red Buildings, and chose not to kit-bash the model any more than putting some paper-clips in the Front and Back so I had the option of attaching signs to the upper two floors.

I am also working on a Hospital and Emergency Room signs paper model, that are hallow boxes I can super-glue some magnets to. I haven’t test-built them yet, so I’ll show those when they are done.

So without further ado, here are the build-pics and end results (along with a small diorama, though I could only do a little bit at a time since my only well-lit surface was on the smallish side).

This is Tommy Gun’s Grocery Store and Pawn Shop. I built the Grocers around some boxes I rescued from the trash at work, while the Pawn Shop is the only Fold-Flat Kit-bash I did that actually worked out. I think that is because it was the smallest building I did that was usable (Microtactix free model “Drake’s TV Repair” was not made for Heroic Scale minis!)

Oh yeah, I also built a 1:48 scale City-Bus paper model. It was too big for my printer at 100% so I had to scale it down to 90%

I stiffened up the insides by using thin cardboard, and used the same cardboard for the interior layout tile that came with it. Had I been smarter, I’d have put paperclips between the tile and cardboard and magnets inside the bus to keep them together. Maybe on the next one. After all, a major city should have more than one bus, right?

Here are my Big Red Buildings:

As you can see, they can be put in multiple configurations. I am working on a base Sign Template, and it is currently set up for a Hospital Sign (Gimped from St. Lukes Medical Kansas City sign into St. Lukes Medical Metro-City). Will post pics after I do a test-build!

Other signs I’m wanting to do:

Now for the Mini-Mall. Both Buildings are built around some boxes I rescued from the trash at work. Recycling, baby!

Here is the build in progress. Apparently with all of my printing out, some copies were not scaled properly. I hate technology sometimes. Anyway, I pulled all of the window decals off of Google Images and the Storefront sign I made myself. Being a bit of a geek, I figured if I owned a video game store I’d geek the place out, so I put Mario Punching a Coin-Brick in the door window:

And a Warp-Pipe over the emergency exit. If anyone asks, the Warp-Pipe and Cloud are something the store’s owner made out of ply-wood. It’s the little touches that really bring a piece out. Oh yeah, I also put Fire exit only signs on the side doors.

And here are the other two shopfronts for that box-building:

The Blue Ribbon Bakery is where I work here where I live, though that sign is something I made (all attempts at getting a photo I took to cooperate failed miserably). The “Street Side Grill” sign is one I got off of Google Images, and glued on. The posters between the Grill and Bakery are either from the Microtactix Set I kit-bashed these buildings out of, or from my copy of CHAMPIONS Universe (I love Gimp!). The roof is actually two pages from the Big Red Building set, since I didn’t like the roof scheme that came with the Microtactix building set.

Almost done… and here’s an extreme close-up:


And here are the shots of the other building. The Horseman’s Deli sign came with the set (along with an unused Dry Cleaner’s sign). The Western Onion sign I got from Cardstock Dane over at the Cardboard Warriors forums. The soda posters are the same ones from the other building… just trying to add some interest.

And now the buildings “in-play.”

And there we go! I think I have enough buildings… after I finish my hospital sign I’ll start on some paper minis. I need to do up some zombies as well as survivors… I am currently looking at:

So little time, so much to do. I wish I could invest in a silhouette to help me cut minis 😦

And I’m still looking for a Firetruck that’s easy to build!