The Grinning Skull Archives – Carnivorous Plant Complete

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Here is the finished model, I thought I would share the pics to show you how it’s turned out. With a few rocks, flock and static grass and moss, I reckon it’s a nice piece in the end!



The skull were suggested to show that it had eaten previous, at first I was against the idea, as the size of the skull would determine the scale (a 28mm skull would have looked too big for 15mm and way too big for 10mm if I needed it) so was a happy compromise with some skulls decapitated from some Twilight creations “bag o’ skeletons”, plastic  figures, you get 100 a pack, so I have quite a lot left in my bits box after my son wanted to make three units of them up for warhammer. They aren’t the prettiest, nor highly detailed, but ideal for conversions, bits and rank and file troopers for en masse skeleton armies on the cheap (I’ll talk more about the uses in another post later)

I painted up the heads and varnished them before I sacrificed them to the plant! These are more old school true 25mm scale, so smaller than a GW skull or similar, and wouldn’t look as bad scale wise with 15mm minis.


They make a great addition to the bases, hiding in the undergrowth!


I tried to make the whole thing look like the feeding tubers came in and out from the central mass whenever prey was near, like anemone and corals (as it was originally a fish bowl ornament) Well I hope you all like, here’s a few more pics.


Here’s some for size comparison. 15mm and 28mm figures for scale.