Bonus Halloween Post – Skeleton Bridge Tutorial by Halloweenville

DM’s Craft User Halloweenville graciously granted me premission to repost his Skeleton Bridge Tutorial here. The Skeletons can be had for 4 for a buck from Dollar Tree and Dollar General

First Here’s some of the Materials and Tools Used.

After cutting off several arms, legs, hands, and feet. I laid them on a strip of cardboard that was the same width as the leg bones, before hot gluing them down.

Trimmed the excess cardboard, removed some skulls and arm bones to create a “railing” and added the rope from the packaging.

Cut off the spines and used those to cover the corrugation on the cardboard.

Next I used 4 of the ribcages for the supports. then hot glued six pelvic bones to the underside just for more decor.

Primed With black

Then dry brushed with Antique White.

Finish with a Nutmeg wash, then touched up the eye and nose holes with black, and Ta-da!

Now the Bonus build! Just came to me as I was building the bridge, First I cut all the joints on one Skeleton then hot glued him into position, then took some leg and arm bones to create the wings just hot glued them at the joints, the points and horns are toes cut off and hot glued in place.

Used the same paint Scheme as the bridge

And here’s a video walk-through: