Happy Halloween Everyone!

I thought I’d share some of the last-minute entries into this Months Craft War:

This first one is from nvdberg:

The Sage.

Believed to be an agent and herald of Oghma, this ancient creature seeks out knowledge where ever his travels take him. Reports of sightings date back centuries and always portray the entity as already old and wise. The wizards guild in White Havenport is rumoured to have been founded by the Sage and that he still returns every year to the inner sanctum to play a game of chess with the Headmaster in charge. A game in which the winner will receive knowledge from it’s opponent.

Some wip’s;

I might add some dressing to it before the contest ends. Needless to say this is going to be interesting.

And this one is from New-Comer, iheartbatsy:

Great Northern Sea Serpent


The Great Northern Sea Serpent is a creature that is indigenous to the deepest lairs on the seas floor. A creature rarely seen on anywhere near the surface of the ocean, it hunts it’s prey by drifting slowly in the darkest depths. While doing this, travelling ever patiently, its iridescent scales emit a faint glow, mimicking a school of small bio-luminescent fish. When an adequately sized target comes along, with a great whirl, the serpent envelopes its target in its gaping jowls, and rends it with razor sharp teeth. But something has happened on the sea floor, forcing this solitary terror to the surface, where no creature…. or vessel, is safe.

Items Used:
Egg Carton, CD for a base, Knife, Hot Glue, PVA Glue,
Model Magic, Toothpicks, Some basic sculpting tools,
Thin Cardboard, Hair Dryer, PaintPicture 1: Cut each of the “cups” out of the bottom of the
egg carton. I ended up needing to trim the edges a bit
to make them a little smoother. I marked in the picture so
you could see where I made little cuts with a hobby knife.
I did this with all 12 of the egg holders. It just so happened
that mine had these ridges. I’m sure you can make it without
but I decided to use it as the back ridges.Picture 2: As I stacked them I inserted each additional piece
into the cut I made in picture 1. This made them interlocking.

Picture 3: I hot glued it onto a base and ran some of the glue
lightly along the sides of the ridges to hold it in place after
I positioned it the way I wanted it.

Picture 4: Shows the back. I used some pva glue here too also
hold the pieces together and let it dry

Picture 5: After completely dry I used the model magic and
made the face and some cosmetic spikes and ridges. I also
glued some spike ear things coming off its head as well as
some ridges on the base which will be waves later.

Picture 6: Shows a close up of the mouth. I cut the tips off
some toothpicks and stuck them in along the gum lines. I had
to use a bit of glue to hold them in place later.

After that, I painted the whole thing black as a base, then
started painting it. Once I got most of the detail done, I used
the hot glue for the water on the base. I used the hair dryer
a bit in this process to smooth it out a bit and create some natural looking ripples.

So that’s my entry. I had a lot of fun doing it and enjoyed seeing everyone else’s entries too! I look forward to doing this again next month 😀

And as I said to my fellow competitors, I do believe iheartbatsy just pwnd the lot of us. But his work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!