Painting my MtG AotP Figures

Just a quick peek at my painting progress.

After Priming in White, I White-Bombed the White, Red and Blue minis and Black-Bombed the Black and Green minis.

Then I used Flexible Modeling Paste to add flame texture to the Red Creatures and a sorta water texture to the Blue.

Gave the Pummelroot Elementals a Bark Brown Wash

These are the Blight Reavers after I gave them a purple wash… not a good picture at all.

The Rhox Soldiers I have a Pewter Gray Wash.

The Elven Archers I gave a Hunter Green Wash

You can’t really make out the water texturing I did here…

But here a Blue Wash really brings out the details:

Red Creatures after a Yellow wash and orange drybrush. Gonna give them a Bright Red dry brush followed by a darker red dry brush… dunno if I’ll pick out the upper-most edges with black or not…

Gave the Pummel-Roots a heavy dryrbush of the Hunter Green

Here you can see the two different shades of blue I used for the Leyline Phantoms and Illusionary Projections

You can really start to see the water texturing on the base…

Hitting all the blue creatures with a light drybrush of dolphin gray…