Custom Printable Tiles for Arena of the Planeswalkers (HeroScape)

I made another set, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with how that batch turned out, so I cranked these out:

Feel free to use, modify and distribute – just give credit where credit is due. Would appreciate if someone posted them on HeroScape and shared the link with me. Would do it myself, but I hate signing up for things.

Cooled Lava and Hot magma:




Ice and Snow:
 4x4 snow



Swamp Grass, Swamp Water, and Mud:
4x4 mud 4x4 swamp grass 4x4 swamp water

The best way to use these tiles?

Cut them out with a hobby knife, then use the white border as a stencil (maybe go 2-3 layers thick) to trace the outline on either 2 layers of Foam Core or 2ply cardboard. Either paint the foam or put cardstock banding on the cardboard and paint that. Then you just need to glue the print out down (after edging it with a black Sharpy of course!)

How well do they work? I printed out a test-page of grass, and cut out one hex to check scale:
Test Print (1)Test Print (2)Test Print (3)

Will post some build pics later this week, as well as a battle report from a game I played with my cousin Friday Night.