Arena of the Planeswalkers Gameplay Impressions

Well I finally managed to play a few battles in my Arena of the Planeswalkers game. I also asked other others to answer the following questions:

What did you like about the game?
What didn’t you like about the game?
Would you buy the expansions?
Are you going to make your own terrain?
How does it compare to HeroScape (where applicable)?
Have you tried using the HeroScape creatures with it?

My Impressions:

What did I like about the game?

The rules are easy to pick up, and pretty straight forward. The first game I played Jace against my cousin who played Chandra. He thought it was funny as hell when I said, “Oh, you hit my guy? BOUNCE!” “You’re getting too close to my Planeswalker… BOUNCE!” “You got close to me again… MIND CONTROL!”

He definitely wants to play again when we hang out next.

I also like the price range. I suspect it is because Hasbro/WotC opted to use something other than HeroScape tiles…

What didn’t I like about the game?

Not enough options for spells and units. And seriously, the first expansion doesn’t release until after Christmas? WTF are you thinking Hasbro?

Would I buy the expansions?

Hell yeah!

Am I going to make your own terrain?

Hell yeah! Kinda have already…

How does it compare to HeroScape?

I myself missed out on Heroscape. I just didn’t have the disposable income when the game was available.

Guest Impression – squirmydad

First off, I agree with everything in your initial impression review.

I purchased this back in August, and played it a few times. My son and I have tons of experience with both MTG and Heroscape and we were both initially excited by this game…It’s neither MTG nor Heroscape but borrows elements from both. I found the rules a little vague in that there’s a big section on how to move around, small section on how to actually do stuff. It’s not a bad game, but it feels incomplete and really needs an expansion with more spell cards, more creature stat cards, an integration guide for using old Heroscape units in the new Arena, a FAQ. The online player created resources and forums have been great for clearing up little confusions and there are a lot of good ideas for converting MTG cards coming out of those forums.
-I like the new stat cards, the old giant hex cards were a bit silly.
-Once we figured out the flow of the game it worked a lot better, but we didn’t get it in the first go and spent a lot of
time going, hrm?
-I like the price.
-I see that cardboard interlocking terrain getting chewed up after a few more games, good thing I have a mountain of
Heroscape tiles.
-Blue does not fare well against Black in this game.

For our next games we’re going to see about drafting some of the old Heroscape units to add on the base armies provided and see how well that works.

I like the concept, but it feels a little weak and I’m hoping that the expansion will give it some more “OOMPH!”

Guest Impression – indigo777

The game is a rebranding of Heroscape with an added card mechanic similar to the way you cast spells and attacks in the D&d adventure Boardgames from what I understand. If you played heroscape and liked it you should like this game too. I picked up the game just for the miniatures, haven’t played it yet, 30 bucks for 35 fantasy minis I have a use for in tabletop was a good deal to me. Especially the translucent minis it comes with. The hex system it uses for the combat mat is the same as Heroscapes.

I posted a review of the minis in the Miniature scale comparison thread.

The bases on the minis are the exact same size/shape as Heroscape bases so just slightly bigger than 1 inch. They won’t fit neatly on a 1 inch grid combat mat but they can still be used on one if your not OCD. They work fine as is in gridless tiles, hex mats, and 1 1/4 inch grid tiles.

Sadly the minis are moldled onto the base instead of attached via pegs and slots that the old heroscape system used making it a little harder to rebase them then the old heroscape minis. You will need to xacto the mini off the base to attach them to a new base instead of just clipping the peg slots off and leaving the mini’s pegs on to attach to a new base, like you could on heroscape minis.


What did you like about the game? Liked the card art, the minis are amazing sculpts and fantastic for the price.Haven’t actually played the game yet.

What didn’t you like about the game? Wish the minis used the old heroscape slotted bases or used standard D&D 1 inch bases. I’m afraid the cards and cardboard play tiles will wear out fast. The cards seem to be a lesser quality than most boardgame cards. I also think its a waste that the tiles are not doublesided like the D&D tiles made by the same company. Seems like they missed an easy opportunity to double the terrain and battleground variations.

Would you buy the expansions? If they are priced similar to this one and have minis I can use for gaming heck yes.

Are you going to make your own terrain? I’m using them for tabletop gaming with Wyloch’s 1 1/4 inch grid tile system. I currently have no plans to make my own Hex style terrain for it.

How does it compare to HeroScape? Very similar from what I can tell and very compatible with it.

Have you tried using the HeroScape creatures with it? Not personally. All of my heroclix minis were rebased a few years back. They are the exact same heroclix base though minus the peg and slot attachments. Many people in the Heroscape community have already started using Heroscape minis in the game though.

Guest Impression – Targanth

How does it compare to HeroScape?
All figure movement rules are the same – moving up to height, stopping in water, extra movement to climb out of water, stopping when landing on a glyph.
The flying rules and adjacency rules are the same.
Melee combat rules are the same.
Ranged combat is the same
Line of sight, Clear line of sight, and Clear sight are all the same.

Differences are that Heroscape uses Order Markers and Heroscape does not have the Spell cards
In Heroscape, all the armies start on the board (2 exceptions out of 200 official units)
In Heroscape, at the beginning of a turn, each players places Order Markers on the Army cards it plans to use during the next round. Only those will activate. All markers may be on a single army card. The order markers are 1-3 plus an X. The armies will activate in that order with X being a dummy that is not used.

I have not personally used Heroscape units with AotP, but many have. Army costs look to be pretty much in the ballpark. See the forum on to see what some Heroscape players have done to mix the games together.
A better link –