It’s my most busiest time of the Year

Anyone who’s ever worked in the Land of Baked Goods knows that after Halloween any personal time you have is almost non existent. There are cakes and cookies to be made, hundreds of dozens of cookies to be exact.


So between work stress and my normal seasonal depression, I haven’t really been doing the online thing all that much. After Christmas passes I should be back to my normal self. Should being the operative word.


Am I still crafting? Oh yeah. Have I been taking any pictures to share. Not really. I’ve currently got some cave tiles in the mix that are a modified version of Wyloch’s method. I’ve been experimenting with my Airbrush, and even have build pics of my home-made spraybooth.


I will eventually get around to taking pics of my AotP minis I painted.


But between planning out my next DnD adventure and playing with an early birthday present (my wife bought me Fallout 3 GotY and New Vegas GotY on the Steam Sale as an early birthday present, and I’m enjoying both quite thoroughly!) I really haven’t had much time for working on the Blog. So expect irregular updates from here ’til New Year’s. I will try to do a project related post a week… probably on the weekends.


Anyway, cheers and enjoy the holiday season (I know I won’t… stupid seasonal depression).