Save the Day – Juggurnaut

Well, after a brief hiatus, here’s Juggernaut. This one I really had to do a bit of tweaking on.

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Save the Day – Sabertooth

What’s that? I don’t have Wolverine with the X-Men but I’m putting Sabertooth in the Brotherhood? Yeah, well, I think I already mentioned my limited quantity of Clix.


Call me foolishly optimistic that I will be getting a Wolverine Clix in the near future (since Sleepy Hollow Mike on the DM’s Craft Forums is sending me a box of Clix). Baring that, I’ll Frankenstein a Wolverine if I have to.

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Save the Day – Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane? Freaking Wolfsbane? I know you are asking yourself, WHY!? She’s not one of the classic X-Men.


My normal response would be, “Because F*** You, that’s why.” Maybe there is a reason I have few friends… Nah!


My honest response is, “Because I have a Clix of her and not many other X-Men, That’s Why.”

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Save the Day – Jean Grey (Miss Marvel)

Well, here is Jean Grey (or as I’m calling her in my Universe, Miss Marvel).


Yes, I know Miss Marvel was Carol Danvers (who is now Captain Marvel in the comics).


But you know what. It’s my game. I say Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel and Jean Grey is Miss Marvel and there is nothing that will persuade me otherwise.


As for the Kree Mar’vel. I’ll burn that bridge if I come to it – I don’t have a HeroClix of him, so it’s rather a moot point. Come to think of it, I don’t have a HeroClix of Carol Danvers/Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel either. But who cares!?

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Save the Day – Professor X

So I’ve been playing around with the Character Creation Rules Beta for Okumarts’ Save the Day super-hero role-playing/skirmish game. Right now I’m thinking of running a Supers game in the near future featuring the small collection of HeroClix I own. Since my collection is somewhat limited, I will have to use what I have. And since I have a small handful of X-men… I guess that’s where I will start. First up is Professor X, and as the week goes by I’ll post my conversions of Cyclops, Jean Grey,


Quick Note: I am tweaking the history a bit. You will see further down when you get to his Background and History.

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