Save the Day – Professor X

So I’ve been playing around with the Character Creation Rules Beta for Okumarts’ Save the Day super-hero role-playing/skirmish game. Right now I’m thinking of running a Supers game in the near future featuring the small collection of HeroClix I own. Since my collection is somewhat limited, I will have to use what I have. And since I have a small handful of X-men… I guess that’s where I will start. First up is Professor X, and as the week goes by I’ll post my conversions of Cyclops, Jean Grey,


Quick Note: I am tweaking the history a bit. You will see further down when you get to his Background and History.

Hero ID: Professor X

Alter Ego: Charles Xavier

Schtick: Telepath

Comic (Scale): Super

Hero Points: 4

Ability: 3 Health: 12

HtH: +0 HtH Damage: +0

RNG: +0 RNG Damage: +0

DEF: +0 Armor: +0

Origin/Class: Anachronism / Mentalist


Awareness, Charming, Deduction, Lucky (3), Powers (3)

Origin Panel Powers:

Super-Gear (2)

Alternate Power (Psionics, 2 Ranks)

  • Mind Blast
  • Telepathy
  • Mind Control

Origin Issue Powers:


Crowd Control


Gear: 11 Ranks

Powered Wheelchair: Rank 1 Vehicle

  • (Grants Normal Movement)

Xavier Mansion: Rank 3 Base

  • Large Mansion with underground training facility and hanger.

The X-Jet: Rank 6 Vehicle

  • Armor 1 Health 6
  • Alt Move (Flight), Alt Move (Super Speed x2) (Can Fly at a speed of x3)
  • Crew 1 + 3 Passengers
  • +2 Ramming Damage, +2 Movement, -2 Defense Rolls, -2 Knockback

Dark Secrets:

Nemesis: Magneto

Nemesis: Juggernaut

Nemesis: Anti-mutant groups

Social: Mutant Stigma

Cannot Walk