Save the Day – Jean Grey (Miss Marvel)

Well, here is Jean Grey (or as I’m calling her in my Universe, Miss Marvel).


Yes, I know Miss Marvel was Carol Danvers (who is now Captain Marvel in the comics).


But you know what. It’s my game. I say Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel and Jean Grey is Miss Marvel and there is nothing that will persuade me otherwise.


As for the Kree Mar’vel. I’ll burn that bridge if I come to it – I don’t have a HeroClix of him, so it’s rather a moot point. Come to think of it, I don’t have a HeroClix of Carol Danvers/Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel either. But who cares!?

I will note for those who have the Save the Day rules beta, Technically Miss Marvel is short by One Dark Secret and One Issue Power. This was sorta deliberate. I couldn’t think of a fourth Dark Secret and really, did she need 3 uses of the Evolve Issue Power? Since they are worth the same number of points, I used one to buy out the other.



Hero ID: Miss Marvel

Alter Ego: Jean Grey

Schtick: Telekinetics

Comic (Scale): Super

Hero Points: 1

Ability: 3 Health: 12

HtH: +0 HtH Damage: +0

RNG: +0 RNG Damage: +0

DEF: +1 Armor: +0

Origin/Class: Mutant/Mentalist


Awareness, Deduction, Disengage, Elusive, Medic, Powers (3), Uncanny Dodge

Panel Powers:

Alternate Movement (Flight)

Alternate Power (Psionics)

  • Telekinsis
  • Invulnerablility
  • Alternate Movement (Flight)
  • Mental Blast
  • Telepathy


Issue Powers:

Evolve (2)

Gear: 5 Ranks

Medium Armored Costume: Rank 2 Gear

  • Reduces incoming Damage by 4

Team Communicator: Rank 1 Gear

Medical Bag: Rank 2 Gear

  • Grants +2 Bonus to Medic Skill

Dark Secrets:

Nemesis: Anti-Mutant Groups

Nemesis: Mr. Sinister

Social: Mutant Stigma