Save the Day – Sabertooth

What’s that? I don’t have Wolverine with the X-Men but I’m putting Sabertooth in the Brotherhood? Yeah, well, I think I already mentioned my limited quantity of Clix.


Call me foolishly optimistic that I will be getting a Wolverine Clix in the near future (since Sleepy Hollow Mike on the DM’s Craft Forums is sending me a box of Clix). Baring that, I’ll Frankenstein a Wolverine if I have to.

At any rate you will notice I really really changed Sabertooth’s backstory. It is a blend of the backstory provided by X-Men Origins: Wolverine and what the comics had as canon for years (according to the wiki article I read when I double checked things).


Villain ID: Sabertooth

Alter Ego: Victor Creed

Schtick: Feral Beast

Comic (Scale): Super Villain

Hero Points: 1

Ability: 3 Health: 12

HtH: +1 HtH Damage: +4

RNG: +0 RNG Damage: +0

DEF: +1 Armor: +4


Origin/Class: Feral/Brute


Accurate, Combat Mastery (HtH), Counterattack, Elusive, Mighty, Physical, Toughness (2), Unstopable

Panel Powers:


Enhanced Sense (Tracking Scent)

Alternate Movement (Super-Leaping)

Hand to Hand Attack

Issue Powers:


Element of Surprise



Gear: 3 Ranks

Lightweight Armored Costume: Rank 2

  • Reduces incoming damage by two
  • provides Fleet Feet (Rapid Movement)

Team Communicator: Rank 1

Dark Secrets:

Hunting Wolverine

Nemesis: Anti-Mutant Groups

Casual Killer

Inhuman Appearance

Mutant Stigma