Save the Day – Juggurnaut

Well, after a brief hiatus, here’s Juggernaut. This one I really had to do a bit of tweaking on.

Villain ID: Juggernaut

Alter Ego: Cain Marko

Schtick: Unstoppable Force

Comic (Scale): Super

Hero Points: 1

Ability: 3 Health: 18

HtH: +0 HtH Damage: +6

RNG: +0 RNG Damage: +0

DEF: +0 Armor: 5 (8 on Ability Check (6)


Origin/Class: Mythic/Brute


Accurate, Brawling, Mighty (3), Physical (3), Unstoppable

Panel Powers:


Super-Strength (2)

+6 Health


  • 4m Tall, 500kg
  • +2 htH Damage, Reach, Movement
  • -2 Knockback, Sneaking, Damage Taken
  • Does not add Ability to Defense Rolls

Issue Powers:


Path of Destruction



Gear: 5 Ranks

Shielded Helmet: Rank 3 Gear

  • Provides Immunity (Mental Powers) 3 ranks
  • Can be removed by hitting 4 latches with a Physical Ability Check (9). This counts as a single attack.
  • Can be damaged (-2 to target, 6 Health)
  • Destroyed at -6 Health

Team Communicator: Rank 1 Gear

Dark Secrets:

Hunting Charles Xavier

Nemesis: Anti-Mutant Groups

Mutant Stigma

Vulnerability: Mental Blasts

Cytorak Gem Dependence (Can be stolen or used to control him – see below)

If the Cytorak Gem’s enhancement can be negated or removed, Cain loses the following powers:

Panel Powers: Size, Super Strength (1 rank)

Issue Power: Invincible

Talents: Unstoppable, 1 Rank each Mighty and Physical

Though Cain does not know it, Cyttorak can seize control of him at any time. (Any encounters with Juggernaut roll 1d6 at the beginning of the encounter – on a 6 Cyttorak seizes control causing Cain to go out of his way to do property damage.