Save the Day – Hawkeye

Just a quick update on the actual crafting: I have a bunch of Heroclix coming, so I’ll be updating my list on what I actually have. I’ll also be converting a bunch into other things (I have multiples of the Vulture and Wasp, so one will be getting converted to Falcon and the other to Angel (as in X-Men First Class’s Angel).

Without further ado, here is Hawkeye’s write-up:

Hero ID: Hawkeye

Alter Ego: Clint Barton

Schtick: Archery

Comic (Scale): Super

Hero Points: 1

Ability: 3 Health: 12

HtH: +0 HtH Damage: +0

RNG: +5 RNG Damage: +2

DEF: +2 Armor: +2


Origin/Class:Highly Trained/Weaponmaster


Acrobat, Awareness, Combat Mastery (Ranged) Counter Attack, Disengage, Elusive (2), Favored Attack (Bow) (2), Gear, Marksman, Physical, Tactics (2)

Panel Powers:

Talented (2)


Alternate Power: Trickshot


Issue Powers:

Analyze Weakness

Critical Hit



Gear: 8 Ranks

Custom Combat Bow: Rank 4 Gear

  • Heavy Ranged Weapon
  • +2 Damage Modifier
  • Range: S 10, M 20, L 30
  • Also functions as a Light Melee Weapon

Custom Combat Quiver: Rank 3 Gear

  • Adds +3 to Alternate Power: Trickshot checks

Light Armor: Rank 1 Gear

  • Reduces incoming Damage by 2

Team Communicator: Rank 1 Gear

Dark Secrets:

Power Limitation: Trickshot is dependent upon Quiver Gear


Dependents (3): Wife and Two Kids