Save the Day – Spiderman

Well, here’s my favorite super hero of all time! The Amazing! The Spectacular! Your Friendly Neighborhood SPIDERMAN!!!


Okay, so this write-up is a variation of the one created by David Okum (and can be found here). I’ve also taken some liberties with the background, blending some elements from both the Movies and the Comics.

Hero ID: Spider Man

Alter Ego: Peter Parker

Schtick: Does whatever a Spider Can

Comic (Scale): Super

Hero Points: 1

Ability: 3 Health: 12

HtH: +4 HtH Damage: +2

RNG: +4 RNG Damage: +0

DEF: +3 Armor: +2


Origin/Class: Feral/Gadgeteer


Acrobat, Awareness, Brawling, Counter Attack, Disengage, Elusive (3),Favored Attack: Hand-to-Hand (2), Favored Attack: Webshooters (2), Mighty (2), Physical, Sneaky, Technology (3), Toughness (2)

Panel Powers:

Alternate Movement (Wall-Crawling)

Super-Sense: Spider Sense

  • Detect Danger with Awareness Check (6)

Super-Gear: Webshooters (Entangle Power)

Alternate Power (Trickshot)

  • Invulnerable, Gliding, Blast, etc

Issue Powers:

Element of Surprise (2)


Gear: 5 Ranks

Spider Tracers – Rank 3 Gear

  • These function as Mini Drones, but must be planted on the person being tracked with an Ability Check (6)

Web Spinners – Rank 2 Gear

  • Grants 2 ranks of Alt. Move (Swinging)


Dark Secrets:

Secret ID


Dependent (2): Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson

Arch-Enemy: J. Jonah Jameson

Arch-Enemy (3): Rogues Gallery*

Honorable (with great power comes great responsibility)

About Spider-Mans Rogues Gallery

Roll 3d6; for each 1 rolled, a choose a villain from the list. In the event of three 1’s, the scenario is a Sinister Six story, in which case six villains will be needed. If this happens, Grant Spiderman Three Ranks of Luck and The Great Escape Issue Power. You may need to provide him with allies as well.