Battle Report and Game Review – Okum Arts’ Zombie Ruckus

So a few months back I participated in the Save the Day Kick-Starter because:

1) I love Super Heroes and needed a simple rule-set if I wanted to play (Champions is too complicated for some of players)

2) I wanted a game that could serve as a Gateway for my son when he’s a little older, so I could share my hobby with him

3) I only had a small handful of HeroClix to go with my Mage-Knight minis I converted for DnD, and one of the pledge levels gave access to a BUNCH of minis 😀

At any rate, during my time of corresponding with the game’s creator David Okum, I mentioned I wanted to use the rules for a Zombie Apocalypse themed game for Halloween. I think this inspired him to create his paper minis and rule-set – Armageddon Outta Here: Zombie Ruckus. Even if I wasn’t the source of inspiration, it’s still freakin’ awesome!

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