Monster Tutorial – The Chimera

Alright, I’ve had this one in the works for the past 5 months. It’s time to write out the damned tutorial and post it. Especially since this is my Craft War entry for April.


My Chimeras are made from 2 Gazelles and 2 Lions from a $3 Jungle Animals pack I got from Walmart, and 2 Velociraptors from a Dinosaur bucket (also from Walmart).

I started by cutting the heads off of the Gazelles and the Raptors, and trimming down the horns of the gazelles. Continue reading


Weekend Bonus – The Tale of the Dread Gazeebo!

For those of you not in the know, depending upon where you live The Dollar Tree offers a line of Halloween decorations called Tombstone Corners. One of the items in this collection is a Gazebo made of skulls.

Now, having been a gamer for a while I immediately thought of the story of Eric vs The Gazebo. So here it is in all its glory.

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Hail Friday!

Here, have another double-post.

Quick Note: Start Monday, updates will be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a chance for surprise weekend updates if I finish a project or critical stage.

After a rediculously long work week, I’m exhausted. But I started this blog and I intend to finish it. Besides, crafting keeps me sane.

Anywayhoo, here are my current Works In Progress!

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A trip to the Dollar General – What goodies Did I spot?

Like table-top gamers I don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to burn, so I have to find a way to stretch my dollars. Which is why I love the Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores! Not only can you find the super-cheap Foam Core adored by terrain crafters the world over, they have all kinds of stuff!

I will break this article down into two segments: Today’s segment covers the Two Dollar General Stores in my town of residence, and tomorrow will cover the Dollar Tree.

Now how am I going to show off all of the cool stuff I found? Did I seriously buy everything you are about to see? Hell no! I cheated! I used my phone’s camera and did a little Recognizance In Force! Because I am that cheap of a bastard.

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Cheap Toys that are Great for the Table Top – The Monster Mash

Monster Action Figure Bucket

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Cheap Toys Great for Table Top Gaming 2 – It’s a Zoo Out There!

Continuing Yesterday’s theme of Cheap Miniatures for the Table Top, lets take a look at the next five:

Item Six: Hunson’s Sea Life Creatures

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