Grim’s Modelmaking Tips 2: Another 10 Cheap or Free materials for scratchbuilding

Project Update: Yesterday was game day so no crafting got done. This morning I finished my tile texture stamps and experimented with them a bit. I can’t complain one bit about how they turned out! Here are some pics to hold you over:

These were taken yesterday during gameplay. There are a mix of my first batch of tiles (which were horrible) and my second batch (which were only horrible due to warping):

And these are the Test-Paints I did using my Stamper. The first is on black posterboard, and the second is on a prepared tile. I think with a little more work I can get the effect I want.:

Well here it is, Part Two of Grim’s Cheap/Free Scratchbuilding Materials. Enjoy!

The Grinning Skull

It’s me again, here with another installment of my model making tips for low cost or free materials to use in your various projects. Here I will give you some more ideas for stuff you may not have thought of before. Remember, this is not intended for the more experienced scratch builders out there, but hopefully even some might find the information useful in making your models!

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Switch-Back Stairs Tutorial

Projects Update: My Elementals and Tim the Roper have been clear-coated, and my completed tiles are Black-Bombed. My sewers are coming along nicely, and might actually be ready to Black-Bomb before the cold weather hits

Quick-note: My stairs are black-bombed but not painted. As soon as I get them painted, I’ll update this post

My Switch-back stairs are based upon the following method from DMG:

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Duneon Tiles WIP – Part Two!

Yesterday I posted the tiles I had Black-Bombed (spray-painted black). Today I want to talk about walls.

At first I was using measured and cut cardstock to cover my walls, but that was too time intensive.

Then came aluminum foil and hotglue. Again, too time intensive.

Finally there came junkmail cut into ribbons on my new paper trimmer, and elmer glue.

Anyway, here is a quick peak at how I’ve progressed!

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Dungeon Tiles WIP Part One

As I’ve already stated in Winter is Coming, October is nearly upon us and that means the temperature will be dropping outside. As I’ve stated before that means no spray-painting and no priming.

As I can do the detail painting on things inside during cold weather, my new priority crafting wise is getting stuff to the point where I can black-blast (prime and base-coat with black spray-paint). Right now I’m working on Dungeon Tiles.

I’ve already shown the tiles I did up for my second set here (my first set does not bear so much as an honorable mention, as they were horrible). While these single 3-inch-square pieces are nicely detailed and can be used to make uncommon configurations, a few dozen of these does not an easy dungeon system make.

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Dungeon Tiles!

EDIT: Okay, so as it turns out Wyloch has done a video using a similar methodology to what you will see below. I will post a link to his vid at the bottom of this!

Okay, so I’ve been working on some Dungeon Tiles for my DnD games. Here they are in stages. They are made from foamcore, cardboard and cardstock. The Foamcore has one layer of paper peeled off, and then I used a ball-point pen to carve the flagstone effect into them. I used some crumpled foil to give them a slightly worn texture. The walls are strips of double-layer cardboard with cardstock cut and folded over them. There is a layer of thin cardboard glued to the bottoms. And yes they are very labor intensive.

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