Arena of the Planeswalkers Miniature Paints – Red and Blue Complete.

Well, I finished my mini-paints for the Red and Blue summons for AotPW.

For Blue I White-Bombed, followed up with a wash of Too Blue for the Leyline Phantoms and True Blue for the Illusionary Projections. Over this I did a dry brush of dolphin gray followed by a light dryrbush of white, and then a final dry brush of Sky Blue. After this dried, I sealed it in Acrylic Gloss Finish.

Blue Painted (1)

Blue Painted (2)

Blue Painted (3)

Blue Painted (4)
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Painting my MtG AotP Figures

Just a quick peek at my painting progress.

After Priming in White, I White-Bombed the White, Red and Blue minis and Black-Bombed the Black and Green minis.

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Bonus Post – More Craftwar Competition

Wow, the competition is heating up! I know have two most worthy opponents to face off against in the Miniatures Competition. I would have entered the Terrain Competition as well, but have been busy with my Zombie City paper minis (will post review when I have the final touches up!)

At any rate, here is Pebebe‘s Water Weird tutorial, which can be found on his site.

October 2015 Craft War – The Competition!

This comes courtesy of Curufin on the DM’s craft forums. This is the only other entry in the Miniatures contest at this time. I’m not sure if I am going to win this month’s challenge. So wish me luck!

The Waterman by Curufin

He was once a mortal man stranded at sea who pleaded to Procan, god of the sea. Procan heard the cries of the young man and bestowed the power of the Golden Conch of Water Control. The young man became the Waterman, Herald of Procan. He used the Golden Conch of Water Control to create his Water Wagon which is pulled by four water elementals. For a time, he was looked on as a good omen by sailors and fisherman. But as the sea goddesses, Geshtai and Osprem, became more popular among the sea ports and wharf towns, the faith changed from Procan to these more forgiving goddesses. Procan’s mood changed to wrathful, and so to did the Waterman. He is now more of a harbinger than a herald. He precedes great storms at seas, and any siting of him scares ship captains and fisherman alike to keep their boats close to shore. He is an ill omen and stories say he is either an undead or some demon or something far more sinister. Any survivors the Waterman comes upon on at sea, he captures in his Water Wagon….what happens to those poor souls no one knows…

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Elemental Power – Water

Quick Note: This is my entry in the October 2015 Craftwar.

Craftwar is an event on the DM’s Craft Forums held every month. I’ll post pics of the competition as they show up.

And that’s why today features a Double-Post! Yay!

Step One: All about that base.

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Elemental Power – Earth

As you enter the clearing where the Goblin Shaman has retreated to, you see a small warband gathered around a large pile of rocks chanting “Gorginak! Gorginak! Gorginak! Gorginak!” As soon as they notice you, they flee down a nearby tunnel. The huge pile or rocks begins to shift and take the form of a rocky… thing. Roll for Initiative.

Or if Science Fiction is more your thing, there is always:

Either way, today’s tutorial is a Super-Sized Earth Elemental!

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Elemental Power – Air

Today’s Project is an Air Elemental. To do this project I used the following tools and materials:

Materials: Heavy Gauge Wire, Card Stock or Manila Folders, a 1″ wooden dowel cut 1 inch long, with a hole drilled through the center, a Plastic Lid (mine came off of a large canister of oatmeal), and paper bags. Not shown in the picture are Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste, Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, Primer and Paint.

Tools: Pliers, Wire Cutters, Cutting Tool, Cutting Mat, Hot Glue Gun, Small Can and Large Can. Yes, you will need two cans as tools, to help you bend your wire.

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