Happy Halloween Everyone!

I thought I’d share some of the last-minute entries into this Months Craft War:
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Battle Report and Game Review – Okum Arts’ Zombie Ruckus

So a few months back I participated in the Save the Day Kick-Starter because:

1) I love Super Heroes and needed a simple rule-set if I wanted to play (Champions is too complicated for some of players)

2) I wanted a game that could serve as a Gateway for my son when he’s a little older, so I could share my hobby with him

3) I only had a small handful of HeroClix to go with my Mage-Knight minis I converted for DnD, and one of the pledge levels gave access to a BUNCH of minis 😀

At any rate, during my time of corresponding with the game’s creator David Okum, I mentioned I wanted to use the rules for a Zombie Apocalypse themed game for Halloween. I think this inspired him to create his paper minis and rule-set – Armageddon Outta Here: Zombie Ruckus. Even if I wasn’t the source of inspiration, it’s still freakin’ awesome!

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Bonus Halloween Post – Skeleton Bridge Tutorial by Halloweenville

DM’s Craft User Halloweenville graciously granted me premission to repost his Skeleton Bridge Tutorial here. The Skeletons can be had for 4 for a buck from Dollar Tree and Dollar General

First Here’s some of the Materials and Tools Used.

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Hail Friday!

Here, have another double-post.

Quick Note: Start Monday, updates will be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a chance for surprise weekend updates if I finish a project or critical stage.

After a rediculously long work week, I’m exhausted. But I started this blog and I intend to finish it. Besides, crafting keeps me sane.

Anywayhoo, here are my current Works In Progress!

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Things to come – October of 2015

I’ve got some Halloween inspired monsters coming for you, as well as my normal irregular posting.

Some ideas I’m kicking around:

  • 5 Cinematic Plots and how to adapt them to Dungeons and Dragons
  • Top 5 Scary DnD / Pathfinder Monsters (and how to play them for maximum horror).
  • Pathfinder Monster write-up of the week!
  • How to Run a Haunted Adventure.
  • A 5-Room Dungeon specially themed for Halloween

So be sure to check back between now and Halloween for some real treats!

A trip to the Dollar General – What goodies Did I spot?

Like table-top gamers I don’t have a whole lot of extra cash to burn, so I have to find a way to stretch my dollars. Which is why I love the Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores! Not only can you find the super-cheap Foam Core adored by terrain crafters the world over, they have all kinds of stuff!

I will break this article down into two segments: Today’s segment covers the Two Dollar General Stores in my town of residence, and tomorrow will cover the Dollar Tree.

Now how am I going to show off all of the cool stuff I found? Did I seriously buy everything you are about to see? Hell no! I cheated! I used my phone’s camera and did a little Recognizance In Force! Because I am that cheap of a bastard.

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