Bonus Post – More Tiles!

As Requested by Phaedros at Planeswalker Arena, I did up a simple desert oasis. Then I made a bigger one. Then Some River Tiles… and it just kinda went downhill from there.

Desert Oasis
4x4 oasis4x4 Oasis Large

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Custom Printable Tiles for Arena of the Planeswalkers (HeroScape)

I made another set, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with how that batch turned out, so I cranked these out:

Feel free to use, modify and distribute – just give credit where credit is due. Would appreciate if someone posted them on HeroScape and shared the link with me. Would do it myself, but I hate signing up for things.

Cooled Lava and Hot magma:


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Battle Report and Game Review – Okum Arts’ Zombie Ruckus

So a few months back I participated in the Save the Day Kick-Starter because:

1) I love Super Heroes and needed a simple rule-set if I wanted to play (Champions is too complicated for some of players)

2) I wanted a game that could serve as a Gateway for my son when he’s a little older, so I could share my hobby with him

3) I only had a small handful of HeroClix to go with my Mage-Knight minis I converted for DnD, and one of the pledge levels gave access to a BUNCH of minis 😀

At any rate, during my time of corresponding with the game’s creator David Okum, I mentioned I wanted to use the rules for a Zombie Apocalypse themed game for Halloween. I think this inspired him to create his paper minis and rule-set – Armageddon Outta Here: Zombie Ruckus. Even if I wasn’t the source of inspiration, it’s still freakin’ awesome!

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Paper City Buildings Complete!

Well after spending almost an entire day in playing around in Gimp, I digitally kit-bashed Microtactix free paper Model, Horseman’s Deli.

My Purpose in doing so? I wanted some variety in my Mini-mall. Now due to legal reasons I cannot share the files, but I can show you then end result. All it takes is a little time and know how.

I could have made my building signs modular (ie, magnetized them the way I did with my Big Red Buildings), but chose not to, as I already had a 2-storefront building and was making a 3-storefront building. Plus I wanted to speed up my Build Process. Shrug. I also made the second-store box for my Big Red Buildings, and chose not to kit-bash the model any more than putting some paper-clips in the Front and Back so I had the option of attaching signs to the upper two floors. Continue reading

Paper City – Box-Building Walkthrough

Alright, the reason this is late is because I couldn’t find the data cable for my phone.

So for my Kit-Bashed TommyGun paper Buildings (all of which can be found here), I wanted the buildings to double as storage trays for street tiles and vehicles (such as what I showed off here). Not wanting to do an excessive amount of Kit-bashing the way I did with the other building, I decided to build some shells out of foam-core.

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Well I took the weekend off from Crafting (Mostly)

I did practice my Gimp skills a bit, and did some digital Kit-bashing of some paper models. Due to uncertainties of legalities, I’m not certain I can share them at this time. But basically I noticed One Monk’s Chimera Brood Bio-Weapons

provided one of each weapon pose per page. Most war-gaming army squads are of single-unit types, which would have meant printing on page for each unit and lots of wasted ink. So I decided to take it upon myself to to cut-out the individual weapon poses in Gimp and make single-pose pages.

This is for two reasons:

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Product Review: ChromaLeaf Premium Combo Ink Refill Kit for Canon PG-245 and CL-246

Having printed out a bunch of Paper Make It’s City Streets, in addition to multiple free paper buildings and vehicles I’ve found around the web, I managed to go through an entire pair of XL Ink Cartridges – and those babies are expensive!

Needing a cheap alternative I decided to take a look at refill kits, and asked my lovely wife to order this kit off of Amazon:

ChromaLeaf Premium Combo Ink Refill Kit for Canon PG-245/CL-246, PG-245XL/CL-246XL Cartridges

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