Life is what Happens when You are Busy Making Plans

Though in this case it is a Death in the Family.


Monday January 11 was just like any other day of the week. After getting off of work my wife and I did our typical wind-down rituals and laying our Son down for bed. This was on top of dealing with a house-full of really bad sinus infections. I had only been asleep for an hour when I was woken by a knock at the door. My aunt, who lives on the other side of town told me my mother was found dead in her house earlier that day.


I am not certain how I feel at this time… I feel numb. Absolutely nothing. That makes me feel horrible. I know I didn’t have a great relationship with my mom… most days I was barely able to tolerate her existence for reasons I won’t go into. But I should feel something. Happiness, anger, sadness, relief. Something.


So between trying to recover from sickness and trying get all of my ducks in a row, I really haven’t had any time for anything crafting related. Which is a shame since I still have projects to work on and a brand new Silhouette Portrait robo-cutter I haven’t been able to play with.


The memorial service is in a few hours. Maybe I’ll feel something about the situation afterwards. Maybe I won’t feel anything about the situation at all for a while. Only time will tell. In the mean time, I have a few projects I’m wanting to wrap up and some others I wanna get started. I got my expansion for Arena of the Planeswalkers. I must say the minis look pretty awesome and I look forward to getting these babies painted up.


I’ve also got a backlog of projects on my table I need to do something with. I tried an experiment of making cave tiles that turned into an utter failure. As much as I hate to admit it, the experiment was a nothing more than a learning process and is consigned to the trash.


I also need to get back into planning out my DnD campaign. I have an idea for the next scenario… but trying to find a means of executing it without it becoming cliche. Well, lets face it, what I’m wanting to do is a huge cliche. But really, aren’t all DnD scenarios just rehashes of the same cliche? And this last paragraph was typed with my wife stairing at me and me stairing back all because she said my keyboard is very loud when I type on it. And it drives her nuts that I can type without loooking at the screen or the keys. Not too many typos now that I look back at the screen. I’m rambling aren’t I? Ah well if it makes someone laugh it is worth looking like an idiot.


Until next time.


It’s my most busiest time of the Year

Anyone who’s ever worked in the Land of Baked Goods knows that after Halloween any personal time you have is almost non existent. There are cakes and cookies to be made, hundreds of dozens of cookies to be exact.


So between work stress and my normal seasonal depression, I haven’t really been doing the online thing all that much. After Christmas passes I should be back to my normal self. Should being the operative word.


Am I still crafting? Oh yeah. Have I been taking any pictures to share. Not really. I’ve currently got some cave tiles in the mix that are a modified version of Wyloch’s method. I’ve been experimenting with my Airbrush, and even have build pics of my home-made spraybooth.


I will eventually get around to taking pics of my AotP minis I painted.


But between planning out my next DnD adventure and playing with an early birthday present (my wife bought me Fallout 3 GotY and New Vegas GotY on the Steam Sale as an early birthday present, and I’m enjoying both quite thoroughly!) I really haven’t had much time for working on the Blog. So expect irregular updates from here ’til New Year’s. I will try to do a project related post a week… probably on the weekends.


Anyway, cheers and enjoy the holiday season (I know I won’t… stupid seasonal depression).

Depression is an Ugly Thing

So between going through a down phase and both me and my wife being sick, I have been neglecting my Blog. Truth is, I’m finding hard to form coherent thoughts (especially with dealing with a Medication Change!).


I just wanted to let those who have been keeping up with my nonsense that this isn’t abandoned, and I’m still crafting. It’s just the uploading the pictures and writing out what I did that is killing me right now.


I plan on posting some pics of my FINISHED AotPW minis, as well as some more printable terrain I’ve been working up.


So I will see you guys Monday, and thanks for sticking with me.

Got a response from Paper Make It (well, sort of)

About a month ago I posted a review of Paper Make It’s City Streets set.

Apparently someone got my message loud and clear, because hiding in my junk folder was an announcement that City Streets 02 and 04 had been updated to connect to sets 01 and 02 respectively. Here are copies of that email:

Dear Gamer,
City Map 2 has been updated with a useful set of tiles that let you join City Map 1 tiles with City Map 2 ones. Now you can mix them to expand the combinations.
Best Regards,
Claudio Pieroni
Paper Make iT !
Dear Gamer,
City Map 4 has been updated with a useful couple of tiles that let you join City Map 4 tiles with City Map 2 ones. Now you can mix them to expand the combinations. There is also a Preview included so to understand better the final result of City Map 4.

Best Regards,

Claudio Pieroni

Paper Make iT !

Continue reading

Just a quick update

Spent most of the past few days out and about, so not much done. I did re-base most of the Figures that came with Arena of the Planeswalkers, and I’ve been working on getting those painted. I will point out to anyone else planning the same, the blue figures are made of a tranparent plastic that is tough to cut.

I’ve also been honing my Gimp Skills, taking free paper minis and creating entire sheets of the figures I need for my Zombie City game I’m running next week.

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to use OkumArts Save the Day rule-set or my own I’ve been working on off and on for the past year.

I’ll post some pics later…. cuz right now I’m exhausted and need my sleep.

Oh! And I’ve got a very special treat for you all tomarrow!

Paper City Buildings Complete!

Well after spending almost an entire day in playing around in Gimp, I digitally kit-bashed Microtactix free paper Model, Horseman’s Deli.

My Purpose in doing so? I wanted some variety in my Mini-mall. Now due to legal reasons I cannot share the files, but I can show you then end result. All it takes is a little time and know how.

I could have made my building signs modular (ie, magnetized them the way I did with my Big Red Buildings), but chose not to, as I already had a 2-storefront building and was making a 3-storefront building. Plus I wanted to speed up my Build Process. Shrug. I also made the second-store box for my Big Red Buildings, and chose not to kit-bash the model any more than putting some paper-clips in the Front and Back so I had the option of attaching signs to the upper two floors. Continue reading

Quick Update – New Page Added: Master list of Tutorials (of a sort)

So I’ve added a new page to my menu (that thing at the top). I call it “My Master List of Tutorials (Of a Sort).”

Why are they Tutorials (Of a Sort) and not just Tutorials? Because I don’t think I’m that great at writing tutorials, and really just trying to give a rough idea of the steps I took to create my pieces.

Why did I go through several hours of work just to recreate the Tutorials (of a Sort) Tag that can be found under the Categories table to the right? Because some times it helps to see the final result and Title in a more compact form. And I wanted to dust off my antiquated HTML skills (the only Java I make is the kind I can drink! Which is why I never entered the field of webpage design). I coded that page myself, though I wish WordPress wouldn’t screw with my code formatting… there is a method to my madness in how I organize my coding and WordPress screws with it. Luckily I have a master copy saved to my hard drive for when I want to update with new content.

So thbbbt :p to you, WordPress! Screw with my code will you! I’ll show you! I’ll do it my way and then copy and paste. So enjoy the raspberries! THBBBBBT! :p