Arena of the Planeswalkers Miniature Paints – Red and Blue Complete.

Well, I finished my mini-paints for the Red and Blue summons for AotPW.

For Blue I White-Bombed, followed up with a wash of Too Blue for the Leyline Phantoms and True Blue for the Illusionary Projections. Over this I did a dry brush of dolphin gray followed by a light dryrbush of white, and then a final dry brush of Sky Blue. After this dried, I sealed it in Acrylic Gloss Finish.

Blue Painted (1)

Blue Painted (2)

Blue Painted (3)

Blue Painted (4)
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Painting my MtG AotP Figures

Just a quick peek at my painting progress.

After Priming in White, I White-Bombed the White, Red and Blue minis and Black-Bombed the Black and Green minis.

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Just a quick update

Spent most of the past few days out and about, so not much done. I did re-base most of the Figures that came with Arena of the Planeswalkers, and I’ve been working on getting those painted. I will point out to anyone else planning the same, the blue figures are made of a tranparent plastic that is tough to cut.

I’ve also been honing my Gimp Skills, taking free paper minis and creating entire sheets of the figures I need for my Zombie City game I’m running next week.

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to use OkumArts Save the Day rule-set or my own I’ve been working on off and on for the past year.

I’ll post some pics later…. cuz right now I’m exhausted and need my sleep.

Oh! And I’ve got a very special treat for you all tomarrow!

Well I took the weekend off from Crafting (Mostly)

I did practice my Gimp skills a bit, and did some digital Kit-bashing of some paper models. Due to uncertainties of legalities, I’m not certain I can share them at this time. But basically I noticed One Monk’s Chimera Brood Bio-Weapons

provided one of each weapon pose per page. Most war-gaming army squads are of single-unit types, which would have meant printing on page for each unit and lots of wasted ink. So I decided to take it upon myself to to cut-out the individual weapon poses in Gimp and make single-pose pages.

This is for two reasons:

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Hail Friday!

Here, have another double-post.

Quick Note: Start Monday, updates will be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a chance for surprise weekend updates if I finish a project or critical stage.

After a rediculously long work week, I’m exhausted. But I started this blog and I intend to finish it. Besides, crafting keeps me sane.

Anywayhoo, here are my current Works In Progress!

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Switch-Back Stairs Tutorial

Projects Update: My Elementals and Tim the Roper have been clear-coated, and my completed tiles are Black-Bombed. My sewers are coming along nicely, and might actually be ready to Black-Bomb before the cold weather hits

Quick-note: My stairs are black-bombed but not painted. As soon as I get them painted, I’ll update this post

My Switch-back stairs are based upon the following method from DMG:

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Duneon Tiles WIP – Part Two!

Yesterday I posted the tiles I had Black-Bombed (spray-painted black). Today I want to talk about walls.

At first I was using measured and cut cardstock to cover my walls, but that was too time intensive.

Then came aluminum foil and hotglue. Again, too time intensive.

Finally there came junkmail cut into ribbons on my new paper trimmer, and elmer glue.

Anyway, here is a quick peak at how I’ve progressed!

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