The Activist

Louisa Forrestal lives in a world where superhumans can appear at any time, and no permit for powers is required for an origin. Like most citizens, she saw powered individuals as something you saw on the news, their actions like some far off war; horrible, but not terribly personal. Then the day came when a very angry and disturbed young man entered the same college Louisa’s daughter was attending, and used his telekinetic powers to kill as many people as he could in a psychic rampage. It was like a school shooting sans gun, not that made the body count any less.


One of the victims was Louisa’s daughter, Fiona. The 19 year old girl’s neck was snapped with less than a twitch from the psychotic telekinetic. Like many others, Louisa grieved at the lost of a loved one. But it soon came to light that not only was the telekinetic in question super powered, the local PRIMUS chapter had actually suspected it. However, due to budget constraints, and the ‘paper tiger’ nature of the registration laws on the books, the young man wasn’t investigated very deeply. Had he been, his history of anger issues and violent outbreaks surely (in Louisa’s mind) would have sent up red flags!


Now, Mrs. Forrestal leads a campaign to enforce and tighten local laws since the Federal ones aren’t getting the job done. She faces an uphill battle, as for every citizen demanding increased registration and evaluation for the super powered, there seem to be just as many who treat local superheroes like some civic mascot, and talk about how this law would make their good deeds that much harder! Still, she’s not just a grieving mother ranting from passion. She’s quick to bring up data supporting her cause (though she does tend to cherry pick) and is quick to appear in case of immense property damage or worse yet loss of life caused by another powered individual. Louisa claims she respects what Superheroes are trying to do, but in her opinion, they are “often untrained, often unaware, and all too often unaccountable.”

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Lousia is not a bad person, and in her own way, she wants to save innocent lives much like superheroes do. It’s just she’s willing to sacrifice the freedoms those heroes are used to for the greater good. However, there are evil forces supporting her. While she’s unaware, some of the biggest donors to her cause are merely covers for the like of VIPER, the IHA, and even local crime lords. How she would react to this knowledge if someone presented it with proof to her is unknown. She would probably try to clean house and then redouble her efforts with less funding, but she might also be forced to reconsider or at least modify her stance.

QUOTE: “There is no constitutional right to fire beams from your eyes!  Your claim of privacy ends where the safety of someone’s child begins!”