The Anchor Man

John S. Marshall is the Anchorman for the local NBS news channel. The grey haired square faced man’s gravitas has only improved in the twenty two years he’s held the job, and any superhero who watches for news alerts on TV will surely be familiar with his face for he uses his influence with the station to make sure super powered events are reported as accurately as possible, a twist from some of his younger rivals in the area who go for sensationalism. Marshall has become a name most citizens trust, and some heroes suspect maybe on their side. While no fan boy, Marshall made his name as a newsreporter covering the heroic last stand of the superhero Spearmaiden as she fought to hold back a mystic onslaught of netherworld warriors. He spoke eloquently to the viewers of the grim event, and soon was offered the position he holds to this very day.

Rumor has it that John has refused more than one offer to hit the big times. He points out that he, and his family, are quite happy in this city. Why would they leave? His seeming devotion to the town has only endeared him more to many of the natives. He’s probably the most trusted media face in the city.

If a superhero wanted to actually give a local news man an interview, they’d find John S. Marshall firm but fair in his questioning, but none have stepped into the studio for that purpose yet and he doesn’t pursue such an interview (Though his producers would love to arrange one). Superheroes might meet him at a local charity event, because even without the studio’s prodding, he is happy to lend his time to them.
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John S. Marshall caries a horrible amount of guilt as well. You see, it was his nosing around that opened the seal to the Netherworld all those years ago, and he surely would have been the first to die if not for Spearmaiden’s sacrifice. Only his wife knows how he feels responsible to this day for the heroine’s death. While he worries he sometimes is too easy on superheroes, mostly what he tries to do is give them a fair shake. He feels he owes Spearmaiden’s memory that much. While he truly does love the city, it is his sense of obligation to it (he did take one of its protectors after all) that truly holds him here. He plans to come clean after his death, releasing the true story posthumously.

QUOTE: “At the time, there is no proof that the arsonist has super powers, though authorities will not rule it out citing the lack of any apparent accelerant. At least one local hero has promised to bring the arsonist, whoever he or she is, to justice.”

Contributed by Hermit