The Archaeologist

Charles “Charlie” Lovett wears a fedora hat. “If you were in my line of work, wouldn’t you?” he asks the amused who show interest. He’s wanted to be an Archaeologist ever since he saw a certain movie as a very young boy. He soon learned it was far more about meticulous filing and cataloging than delving into ancient cities, though he has definitely gone out in the field more than once. Inspiration aside, Charlie is definitely no Harrison Ford. Only those frequent trips keep him from getting truly overweight, and rather than a rugged five o’clock shadow, he just gets unkempt and shaggy faced.

In his youth, he was drawn by the mystique of Egyptology, but now that he’s older, he’s actually far more focused on Pre-Colonial Americas and what they’ve left behind in pottery, arrowheads, and so forth. Currently he splits his time between teaching at a local university, spelunking in caves, and yes, he is often seen in museums. In case it hasn’t been stressed enough, Charlie is no action star. What he is, is a genius. He speaks at least three Native American languages, Latin, Coptic, Arabic, and more. He almost never forgets anything he’s seen, having a nigh photographic memory, and even in areas he does not specialize in, he can provide excellent references because of this.

Personality wise, he’s not so much eccentric as easy going, good humored, and happy to share his knowledge to folks who seem to have genuine interest. He is prone to quoting certain movies at times, but its very tongue in cheek.
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Recently, Charlie has stumbled upon some old caves that are actually local. There are odd murals and such on them. He believes they maybe connected to the tribe of a nearby Reservation, but is torn about telling them about it. He knows he should but is also considering its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. As the land in question isn’t currently ceded to the tribe, he’s not breaking the law, but the ethics of it are starting to bug him. Ah well. Just another trip or two…what could happen?

QUOTE: “That idol? That’s Sekhmet. Egyptian war goddess among other things. Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice domestic beer to her… she’s slaughtered populations for less.”

Contributed by Hermit