Save the Day – Sabertooth

What’s that? I don’t have Wolverine with the X-Men but I’m putting Sabertooth in the Brotherhood? Yeah, well, I think I already mentioned my limited quantity of Clix.


Call me foolishly optimistic that I will be getting a Wolverine Clix in the near future (since Sleepy Hollow Mike on the DM’s Craft Forums is sending me a box of Clix). Baring that, I’ll Frankenstein a Wolverine if I have to.

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Save the Day – Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane? Freaking Wolfsbane? I know you are asking yourself, WHY!? She’s not one of the classic X-Men.


My normal response would be, “Because F*** You, that’s why.” Maybe there is a reason I have few friends… Nah!


My honest response is, “Because I have a Clix of her and not many other X-Men, That’s Why.”

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Save the Day – Jean Grey (Miss Marvel)

Well, here is Jean Grey (or as I’m calling her in my Universe, Miss Marvel).


Yes, I know Miss Marvel was Carol Danvers (who is now Captain Marvel in the comics).


But you know what. It’s my game. I say Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel and Jean Grey is Miss Marvel and there is nothing that will persuade me otherwise.


As for the Kree Mar’vel. I’ll burn that bridge if I come to it – I don’t have a HeroClix of him, so it’s rather a moot point. Come to think of it, I don’t have a HeroClix of Carol Danvers/Miss Marvel/Captain Marvel either. But who cares!?

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Save the Day – Professor X

So I’ve been playing around with the Character Creation Rules Beta for Okumarts’ Save the Day super-hero role-playing/skirmish game. Right now I’m thinking of running a Supers game in the near future featuring the small collection of HeroClix I own. Since my collection is somewhat limited, I will have to use what I have. And since I have a small handful of X-men… I guess that’s where I will start. First up is Professor X, and as the week goes by I’ll post my conversions of Cyclops, Jean Grey,


Quick Note: I am tweaking the history a bit. You will see further down when you get to his Background and History.

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Life is what Happens when You are Busy Making Plans

Though in this case it is a Death in the Family.


Monday January 11 was just like any other day of the week. After getting off of work my wife and I did our typical wind-down rituals and laying our Son down for bed. This was on top of dealing with a house-full of really bad sinus infections. I had only been asleep for an hour when I was woken by a knock at the door. My aunt, who lives on the other side of town told me my mother was found dead in her house earlier that day.


I am not certain how I feel at this time… I feel numb. Absolutely nothing. That makes me feel horrible. I know I didn’t have a great relationship with my mom… most days I was barely able to tolerate her existence for reasons I won’t go into. But I should feel something. Happiness, anger, sadness, relief. Something.


So between trying to recover from sickness and trying get all of my ducks in a row, I really haven’t had any time for anything crafting related. Which is a shame since I still have projects to work on and a brand new Silhouette Portrait robo-cutter I haven’t been able to play with.


The memorial service is in a few hours. Maybe I’ll feel something about the situation afterwards. Maybe I won’t feel anything about the situation at all for a while. Only time will tell. In the mean time, I have a few projects I’m wanting to wrap up and some others I wanna get started. I got my expansion for Arena of the Planeswalkers. I must say the minis look pretty awesome and I look forward to getting these babies painted up.


I’ve also got a backlog of projects on my table I need to do something with. I tried an experiment of making cave tiles that turned into an utter failure. As much as I hate to admit it, the experiment was a nothing more than a learning process and is consigned to the trash.


I also need to get back into planning out my DnD campaign. I have an idea for the next scenario… but trying to find a means of executing it without it becoming cliche. Well, lets face it, what I’m wanting to do is a huge cliche. But really, aren’t all DnD scenarios just rehashes of the same cliche? And this last paragraph was typed with my wife stairing at me and me stairing back all because she said my keyboard is very loud when I type on it. And it drives her nuts that I can type without loooking at the screen or the keys. Not too many typos now that I look back at the screen. I’m rambling aren’t I? Ah well if it makes someone laugh it is worth looking like an idiot.


Until next time.

Coming Soon…

Well folks, December was a rather hectic month and it’s taking me a little bit to get back into crafting. I’ll be doing up some Paper Craft goodies soon as I recover from the creeping crud. I have a shiney new Robocutter to play with, so that will help with my cutting time. I also picked up some Litko Paper Miniature bases. I’ve decided I want to be able to field a large number of paper minis that don’t take up an excessive amount of space, but I don’t like the removable paper bases and hot-gluing them to washers somewhat defeats the purpose.


I’ve also been playing around with the Save the Day character creation rules, and will be posting some characters that are incarnations of my old CHAMPIONS characters. I may even dust off my Hero System 5th edition rule book and post some HERO writeups. Time will tell.


At any rate. That’s what’s been going on.


I hope everyone had a good holiday, and here’s to an awesome New Year!