The Athlete

Tomasina “Tomtom” McElroy is the wrong gender, and she plays the wrong sport; otherwise you’d know who she is. Still, she came to the city to play; that’s not a metaphor, this city is one of the few member cities of the National Women’s Soccer League in the United States. The sport is struggling here, despite hopes that Americans would come around and it might bring in some revenue, but it sure isn’t for lack of skilled athletes. Tomasina “Tom Tom” McElroy is good, very good. She’s the kind of Forward any thinking Goalie dreads, and is in a tie for leagues most goals for season. Within the small group that follows the sport, she’s a rock star! But among 90% of folks, even in town, few would know her name.

Now, if she’d been born male and playing “real football” , she’d be making money hand over fist and have more endorsement deals than you could shake a stick at. Is she bitter about that? Well, she’d be lying if she said it didn’t bug her now and then, but she’s got her Bronze Olympic medal from years ago, and how many people can say that? Now she’s playing professionally in a game she loves, and she’s getting by. What’s to gripe about really?

While she does date now and then, her focus is on her sport career. Athletes often have a limited set of prime years, and she doesn’t want to waste a one of hers. In short, any guy pursuing her will have to accept that he’s going to be on the bench a lot and she maybe away in other states on games that will be lucky if they get seen on Youtube.

Still, she tries to be a good role model for girls and young women in the city, and is a spokeswoman for Breast Cancer awareness since her own aunt lost her life to same.
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Tomasina may not be focused on her love life, but unfortunately for her, one fan is very focused on her. This fellow has set up a shrine to her in a cabin outside city limits, and hopes to ‘whisk her away’ (IE Kidnap) and ‘be with her forever’ (IE keep her locked up in a twisted nightmare take on what he believes marriage should be). Tom Tom’s seen him sniffing around, rolled her eyes, and moved on. She’s completely unaware how dangerous he is.

QUOTE: “Get me an opening and I’ll kick the ball so hard the factory that manufactured that goal will feel it.”